Son In Law Madness Chapter 547

Chapter 547 How Did You Get In

After a long struggle, Jennifer finally stumbled to the windows. Never did she expect that, in the next second, someone would grab her by her waist from behind. “What, are you thinking of jumping off the building?”

Jennifer widened her eyes and desperately tried to run forward, yet Braxton’s forceful tug from behind left her falling to the ground. On Braxton was a white bathrobe. His hair was still damp, and it was obvious he had just showered.

Looking down at Jennifer on the floor, he lifted a smirk and said, “I actually no longer have desires for you. Who knows that your parents would take the initiative to bring you here? Tell me; I can’t possibly reject their kind intentions, right?”

Jennifer glared at Braxton fixedly, almost as if she was dying to kill him. “Look at that expression of yours. It seems like you have something to tell me?”

With that said, he lifted his hand and removed the cloth stuffed in Jennifer’s mouth. At once, she fiercely cursed, “You despicable and shameless man! Donald will never let you off if he learns about this!”

“Donald? Even if that loser knows, what can he do?” Braxton snorted in displeasure. “How can he openly set up Dragon Fide Corporation to fight against the nine prestigious families? Do you think that corporation will be able to survive in Pollerton just based on his capabilities alone?”

“Nine prestigious families, my a*s! You people are all worse than pigs! Donald will surely eradicate all of you!”

“Well said.” Braxton took out his phone and clicked open the recording app. “I love to listen to you cursing and swearing. I think you look especially pretty while you’re at it. Also, look at that helpless look in your eyes. Aren’t you the CEO of Dragon Fide Corporation? I shall bed you tonight and publicize this recording tomorrow morning. I want to let the world know that you’re a cheap and lowly woman who’s no longer maiden. That way, I shall see if Donald still has the face to set up Dragon Fide Corporation in Pollerton!”

Finishing his words, he threw his phone aside and moved closer to Jennifer to remove her clothes. In her defense, she swung her head forward, smashing right at Braxton’s nose.

That situation caught Braxton off guard, and he felt his head spinning wildly from the impact. Staggering several steps backward, he lifted his hand to touch his nose, only to realize there was blood.

“B*tch! Do you have a death wish?” Braxton viciously threw a slap on Jennifer’s cheek. He then reached for the camera on the table and zoomed in on her while yanking her hair with his other hand.

“Hahaha! This is the CEO of Dragon Fide Corporation? You’re soon becoming my new plaything! Come on, give me a smile.” Tears trickled down Jennifer’s face uncontrollably.

At that point, she saw death as the only way out—neither would she have to suffer Braxton’s insult, nor would she bring any pain to Donald. “I will let you know how powerful I am, you b*tch!”

As his words fell, he began to undo his bathrobe belt. At that very moment, a loud thud sounded from the door as it was kicked open. “Who—”

Before Braxton could finish his sentence, a broken wooden shard shot toward his direction and pierced right through his hand.

Shrieking in agony, the camera in his grip fell to the floor as blood splattered everywhere. “I’m sorry I came late.”

Walking in from outside, Donald pulled Jennifer into his embrace. That immediately got her bursting into tears. “Donald, I thought I’d never get to see you again. I was so scared.”

Donald kept a calm expression as he broke the ropes around Jennifer. ”I will never allow such situations to happen again in the future. Trust me,” he uttered softly.

With that said, he lightly asserted pressure on her neck, and before long, the woman passed out. “Donald, how did you get in?”

Braxton clutched his bleeding hand as his whole body trembled vigorously, though unknown if it was because of fear or anger. I’ve booked the entire hotel. How did he get in here?

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