Son In Law Madness Chapter 546

Chapter 546 Utter Despair

“Mom, where’s Braxton? Is he not at the event venue?” “Soon. We’re almost there.” Passing by a thick bush, Jennifer spotted a minibus by the side of the road. Sitting in the driver’s seat was none other than Zander Stern.

“Uncle Zander?” She instinctively shivered at the sight of her uncle. Using Linda’s love for money as a gauge, there would only be one word to describe Zander’s love for money—obsessive.

That man had an excessive addiction to gambling. Back then, Zander was also a man who was married with kids. Sadly, he eventually lost everything he had because of his gambling addiction—from his property to his wife and children.

Jennifer had thought neither she nor her family would be in contact with Zander from then on. Little did she imagine that she would meet him again that night.

Sensing something amiss, she immediately turned around and tried to flee. However, just as she whipped her head around, a middle-aged woman, who had been in ambush, sprung out and grabbed onto her.

“Aunt Colleen? Why are you also here?” Jennifer’s eldest aunt, Colleen Wilson, and Zander were people of the same kind. They were willing to do anything for money.

With the hemp ropes she had prepared beforehand, Colleen tied Jennifer up. “Your parents told me about your matters. Jenny, we’ve all watched you grow up. How will we bear to watch you jump into the burning pit? Mr. Irving has money and power. You won’t suffer if you marry him,” she expressed smilingly.

Hearing those words, Jennifer froze. “What do you want to do? Let go of me!”

Colleen wrapped her arms around Jennifer tightly and yelled at Leonard, “Why are you still standing there? Hurry; come over and help me!” With that, the three threw Jennifer into the minibus before shutting its doors tight.

Coincidentally, a security guard who was passing by happened to witness the scene. After some deliberation, he dashed in the direction of the event venue.

Meanwhile, the four, including Leonard and Colleen, took turns trying to brainwash Jennifer inside the minibus.

To them, Donald was nothing but a penniless bum, while Braxton was not only good-looking but rich. They figured Jennifer would not stand to lose if she married the latter.

Therefore, they were all prepared to send Jennifer to Braxton’s room that night.

“I already lay my hands on Mr. Irving’s room card. As long as you become his woman tonight, things will completely end between you and Donald.”

Sitting in the minibus, Jennifer could not help but shed tears. It was beyond her imagination that her parents would kidnap her and send her to Braxton. Humiliation and disgust fully overwhelmed Jennifer.

I can’t believe it. From now on, they’re no longer my parents! In no time, the minibus drove into a hotel’s parking lot. The four dragged Jennifer out of the vehicle and into the elevator to head up to Braxton’s room.

Pulling out the room card, they unlocked the door and threw Jennifer onto the bed. Then, they stuffed a cloth into her mouth to stop her from making a fuss or doing anything to harm herself. “Is this the place Mr. Irving said?”

Linda pulled out her phone to check a message on it. “That’s right; this is the place. Let’s go now. We have to leave, else Mr. Irving won’t appear.”

Before they left, Leonard did not forget to remind, “Jenny, do your best to please Mr. Irving tonight. Your family’s future will depend on you.”

Tears streamed down Jennifer’s cheeks uncontrollably as she lay on the bed. She was in utter despair, and deep down, she was hoping that Donald would appear to rescue her.

Donald doesn’t have superhuman powers. Even though he did see Mom and Dad take me away earlier, he probably doesn’t expect something like this would happen either, right?

Lying on the bed, Jennifer struggled with all her strength to push herself up on her feet and walk to the windows. Even if I die, I can’t let Braxton take advantage of me!

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