Son In Law Madness Chapter 545

Chapter 545 Gifts Her A Company

Below the stage, shocked expressions appeared on the faces of Linda and Leonard as well. “What did Donald just say?” Linda asked.

“I think he’s gifting a company to Jennifer, and it sounds like a valuable company.” Linda rolled her eyes at Leonard. “What does that mean? How much is it worth? Did you not listen carefully earlier?”

Leonard scratched his head awkwardly. “I thought Donald was spouting nonsense, so I didn’t really pay attention to him.”

After Donald’s speech, there were barely any highlights left at the Supreme Gala. Most of them were Pollerton’s media outlets, who were present to hold interviews with the bosses in the business industry and were merely using the event to enhance the image.

Getting off the main stage, Jennifer furrowed her brows as she said to Donald, “How can you make a decision for me so casually? I’m not fit to be a CEO.”

Shrugging, Donald replied, “How do you know you aren’t up to it when you have never been one? Besides, what’s there to be afraid of with me by your side?” “But I—”

“No buts,” Donald interrupted with a solemn expression. “The Dragon Fide Project isn’t only my dream; it’s my grandpa’s too. We’re getting remarried, and you’re soon the daughter-in-law of the Campbell family. Don’t tell me you want me to shoulder this huge responsibility myself?”

“Who’s the daughter-in-law of the Campbell family? I haven’t agreed to it.” Despite saying so, she could not contain her embarrassment.

Just then, Linda and Leonard made their way over. Catching a glimpse of the gown on Jennifer, Linda was briefly stumped before she asked, “Jenny, where did you get this gown? It looks pretty nice.”

“Donald bought it for me.” “He did?” Leaning in to take a closer look at the diamonds on Jennifer’s gown, Linda furrowed her brows.

“Are they real diamonds?” Leonard let out a cold snort and uttered, “Do you think Donald can afford to buy real diamonds? There are so many of them. One look is enough to tell that they’re fake. Gosh, how embarrassing. How can you wear a cheap outfit like this in front of so many people?”

Linda initially thought that it was a rather stunning gown, but upon hearing Leonard’s words, she thought he made a lot of sense. That must be a cheap and low-quality gown. No one will give a d*mn about it!

“Jenny, isn’t the Supreme Gala coming to an end soon? Come on, let’s go and have a drink with Mr. Irving.”

Hearing that, Jennifer was visibly displeased. “Why should I go look for him? I only agreed to attend the Supreme Gala, and I did. I don’t have any obligations to go and meet him.”

“How can you be so disrespectful? Mr. Irving has been chasing you for so long. Even if you aren’t interested in him and are getting ready to marry Donald tomorrow, greeting him is the least you should do. Don’t you know the meaning of parting on good terms? You sure are an ill-mannered lady.”

I have got nothing to do with him, though. There’s no need for me to show any manners.

However, at the sight of the expression on Linda’s face, Jennifer immediately understood that Linda would definitely raise even more absurd requests if she did not do as Linda wished, so she sighed.

Fine, I’ll meet him then. It won’t take too much time, anyway. With that thought in mind, Jennifer wrapped her hands around Donald’s arm and stepped forward. Unexpectedly, Linda stopped the man. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“I’ll go with Jennifer.” “Who says you’re going? Are you still worried when there are two of us accompanying Jennifer? All right, that’s enough. You two are getting remarried tomorrow. There’s no need to be in such a rush to stay together right now. You and do whatever needs to get done.”

Jennifer gave Donald a meaningful look, signaling to him that there was no need to worry since she would be back soon. “Okay. Be careful then, Jenny.”

Jennifer nodded before leaving the event venue with Linda and Leonard. As the Supreme Gala was held halfway up the mountains, there were several ways to get down.

However, as Jennifer followed behind Linda and Leonard, she soon realized that they were moving further and further away from the chaotic event venue. This path feels so remote. There’s not even a streetlight around.

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