Son In Law Madness Chapter 544

Chapter 544 A Business Alliance

Tyrone laughed coldly. “Though the nine prestigious families have been suppressing Donald and obstructing him from relaunching his Dragon Fide Project all these years, he still managed to get to where he is today. Do you know why? It’s because we don’t have enough trust in each other.

That’s why Donald has found himself a chance. From now on, we can’t make such mistakes again.” After a slight pause, he added, “I have a suggestion. We’ll put aside the Freedman clan and announce to the public that the nine prestigious families will be forming a business alliance. With that, we’ll be able to suppress Donald thoroughly. What do you guys think?”

All along, the nine prestigious families never saw Donald as a strong competitor. They had thus always employed the crudest methods and resources to counter him, but consequently, that always gave Donald the chance to find loopholes. If the nine families were to collaborate and form an alliance, it would undeniably cause a fatal blow to Donald.

After all, the nine prestigious families were not solely nine conglomerates, but more impressively, they were leaders of nine different industries. As long as they joined forces and combined their connections and resources, there would be no room for Donald to develop further.

“Great! I think that’s a brilliant idea! We shall form an alliance to destroy Donald!” “I have never liked Donald. Let’s get rid of him completely!”

The various in charge of the nine prestigious families all expressed their agreement after hearing Tyrone’s suggestion. Tyrone was overjoyed deep inside. Aren’t you very arrogant, Donald? Will you be able to handle all nine prestigious families by yourself?

The smile on Tyrone’s face was still visible when Donald, who was on the stage giving a speech, suddenly said, “To get the Dragon Fide Project fully going, my partners and I are going to set up a new company, Dragon Fide Corporation. It’ll be a corporation that not only intervenes with real estate but also a strong alliance of the various sectors, including entertainment, service, property management, logistics, and e-commerce.”

Huh? Donald’s setting up a new company—a corporation some more?

An ugly scowl crept up on the faces of the nine prestigious families. They could not believe that Donald would have the same idea as them. The only difference was that Donald was starting a new company from afresh while they were using their status and existing resources to nip Dragon Fide Corporation in its bud.

A hint of ruthlessness flashed across Tyrone’s eyes. “Does Donald want to have a complete fallout with us? He’s setting up that so-called Dragon Fide Corporation to replace our position in Pollerton. That fellow is truly vicious, huh?”

Like Tyrone, many others could tell that relaunching the Dragon Fide Project was not Donald’s true intention. He obviously wants to have control over the entire Pollerton. This brat sure has a big appetite. When Donald finished his speech, barely anyone from below the stage applauded.

After all, the majority used to be invited to the Supreme Gala by the Ten Prestigious Families. As much as those bosses from the business world had no idea what the situation was about, they dared not stand on Donald’s side even after hearing his sudden speech on the stage.

That sight undoubtedly boosted Tyrone’s confidence. “Everyone, the nine prestigious families have been managing Pollerton for many years. There’s no way a nobody like Donald can do things his way. No need to worry; success will ultimately belong to us! Cheers!”

The nine prestigious families pulled a wide grin at once. Donald is still too young, after all. Regardless of which industry, we have the upper hand over Pollerton’s supply chain. Things are easier said than done, Donald!

“Oh, I still have one more thing to announce today.” Donald turned to look at Jennifer, who sat on the couch, and said, “Jennifer, owning forty-nine percent of the shares, will be taking the position of the CEO for Dragon Fide Corporation, while I’ll be assisting her from aside. We look forward to working with everyone else from now on.”

“Huh?” A look of puzzlement crossed Jennifer’s face.

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