Son In Law Madness Chapter 543

Chapter 543 An Honored Guest

Tyrone vowed to make Jennifer his. “Donald, this Supreme Gala is only attended by business elites of Pollerton, and the topic in discussion is the master plan of business strategy to develop Pollerton. I remember that your company has not received an invitation to this event, so what are you doing here? As a spectator?”

Donald replied impassively, “No. I’m here because I was invited.” “What a liar. This Supreme Gala is organized by the Ten Prestigious Families. Who would have extended an invitation to you?”

“Me.” Hearing that, Tyrone turned around, only to notice that it was Melanie Sanchez. She was dressed in a deep V backless red dress as she waltzed over to Donald’s side. “Mr. Campbell, the gala is about to start. Are you ready?”

Donald took Jennifer’s hand and followed Melanie as they headed in the direction of the main stage. Tyrone was stumped. What is happening right now?

“Wait a minute!” Tyrone shouted. “Ms. Sanchez, why is… Donald invited?” Melanie cast a glance at Tyrone and replied, “Don’t you know? The Sanchez family is organizing Supreme Gala this year. Mr. Campbell here is our honored guest.”

“What? How is that possible? The Freedman clan is the organizer of Supreme Gala this year—”

Tyrone was suddenly hit by a pang of realization.

The annual Supreme Gala was organized by the Ten Prestigious Families of Pollerton every year, and the families would take turns doing so. This year, it was the Freedman clan’s turn to organize the annual event.

The Freedman clan used to stand by his side. However, Tyrone knew he could not say the same for now. After all, when Donald announced that he wanted to relaunch the Dragon Fide Project a few days ago, Sebastian openly declared support for the man.

Moreover, after Oscar died in Est Montaigne, the Freedman clan had not sent any new representative to Pollerton. That would entail that all the Freedman clan’s business in Pollerton was fully under Sebastian’s control.

The fact that Donald had received an invitation to Supreme Gala as an honored guest would imply that Sebastian had turned his back on them.

“Tyrone, you know nothing of the theme tonight, and yet you’re here at the gala?” Donald mocked. “It seems like I’m not the spectator tonight, Tyrone. You’re behaving more like one.”

At his words, Tyrone seethed with fury. This b*stard! As the music started to play in the background, the spotlight turned to focus on Donald and Jennifer.

Jennifer grew so nervous that her hands were shaking. Initially, she only planned to just take a look at what Supreme Gala was all about and never expected herself to be under the spotlight.

“Don’t be nervous. Everyone can see you fidgeting down there. You’re not going to look your best then.” “I’m getting even more nervous now,” Jennifer groaned. Donald smiled as he watched Jennifer trying to keep herself together.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have invited a special guest tonight to honor Supreme Gala this year—Mr. Donald Campbell, the executive director of the Dragon Fide Project. Let us welcome Mr. Campbell to explain the details of the project.”

Donald led Jennifer to her seat before making his way to the center of the stage. Then, he started to introduce the Dragon Fide Project to everyone. Almost all the representatives of the Ten Prestigious Families blanched at the unexpected turn of events.

Supreme Gala had always been about the Ten Prestigious Families introducing Pollerton’s latest projects to the whole of Yorksland. Hence, they were baffled that Donald had been given a chance to ramble on about the Dragon Fide Project instead.

Donald had stolen their thunder.

“Everyone, Sebastian’s betrayal alone had resulted in a disastrous loss on our end. If Donald truly has the chance to restart the Dragon Fide Project, how will the rest of us stand our ground in Pollerton after this?”

“Tyrone, what are you planning to do? Just say the word,” Gibbons said. He was a straightforward man and did not fancy Tyrone beating around the bush.

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