Son In Law Madness Chapter 542

Chapter 542 All Eyes On Her

Natalie doesn’t seem like someone to watch out for. “Now that we’ve finished watching the show, please wait for me a while here. I’m going inside to change my clothes.”

Jennifer nodded meekly. After Donald got into the changing room, she attentively retrieved and sorted out his coat. When she spotted Donald coming out of the changing room, her eyes glinted.

He dressed in an immaculate black tuxedo. She could not help but notice that the cut and design of the tuxedo were much more exquisite than ordinary tuxedos. Even Harold was bedazzled by his striking appearance. Needless to say, the tuxedo was also Fernando’s design.

There was intricately-cut crocodile skin fabric on the outer edges of the tuxedo, as well as on the shoulders and waist area. They resembled the rocky surface of stars. The design of the tuxedo complemented Jennifer’s Astrea gown perfectly.

“Mr. Campbell, this is my name card. Could we have a chat at your convenience?” Harold asked. He had contemplated for quite some time before he finally decided to hand Donald his name card.

Even though he lost the bet with Donald, he was someone who would honor his bet. Besides, he was yearning to make a name for himself. No matter who Donald was, the two sets of attire were enough proof that he was not an ordinary man.

“Sure. Let’s keep in touch.” Donald placed Harold’s name card in his pocket and circled Jennifer’s waist to head out of the dressing area. “Wow, who is that woman? She looks so great in that gown!”

“Are those diamonds on her gown? Look! They’re shining!” “The tuxedo on the guy is also looking great. Did they have it custom-made for free as well?”

Donald and Jennifer managed to garner everyone’s attention the moment they stepped out of the dressing area.

Donald was a handsome man. However, since he did not care to groom himself on the daily, people did not pay much attention to his appearance.

On the other hand, Jennifer was a natural beauty and was widely known to be on par with Wynter. However, the two women had different kinds of charm to them.

Jennifer looked like a celebrity with Astrea bringing out her best features. The esteemed guests of the party dared not approach the couple as they assumed that Donald and Jennifer came from prestige families.

As Jennifer never had everyone paying attention to her like that, she blushed beet red and said, “Donald, is my gown over the top? Should we just go home?”

“Why? Don’t you want to marry me again?”

Jennifer rolled her eyes at the man and grumbled, “It’s all your fault. If you hadn’t insisted on this gown, things wouldn’t have turned out this way.”

“What’s the matter? I think it’s fine,” Donald uttered seriously. “You are my woman, and you’re the most beautiful woman in the whole world.” Jennifer was touched by his sweet talk but hit him gently on his chest as she blushed uncontrollably.

Just when the two of them were engaged in hushed whispers, a loud noise rang. “Hey, isn’t this the loser Donald? I never thought you could ever get in here. It looks like the security of Supreme Gala is not doing their job properly for letting the likes of you slip through their fingers.”

Tyrone was wearing a beige-colored suit and was accompanied by a young woman. Her face, obviously being heavily touched up with plastic surgery, was a telltale sign that she was a rookie model.

Tyrone had noticed Donald from afar and decided to come over to mock him. However, when he approached the two, he was stumped at the sight of Jennifer in the gown and could no longer avert his gaze.

Seeing that, the rookie model was not pleased and pouted as she shook his hands. “Mr. Campbell, what are you looking at?” Tyrone snapped out of his daze and took a sip of his liquor to mask his jealousy. D*mn it, Jennifer is prettier than I thought! I can’t let her go to waste on a loser like Donald!

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