Son In Law Madness Chapter 541

Chapter 541 A Slap In The Face

Donald stared wide-eyed at Natalie in shock and disbelief. Does she really think she can have her way with everything just because she’s rich? He was not planning on taking things a step further but changed his mind after witnessing Natalie’s shameless behavior. While the two continued to argue, Donald pulled out his phone and sent Wynter a text.

“Donald bought me this gown, so I’m not going to sell it,” Jennifer replied firmly. “Oh, please! I know all too well how poor your family is! Instead of heading home after having a look around, why don’t you sell me this gown and make a ton of money out of it? Besides, you’d just be wasting the beauty of this dress if you wear it!”

Natalie’s jealousy was really starting to show at that point. Fernando had designed Astrea specially for Jennifer, so there was no way it would not look good on her.

Not wanting to waste her time and energy arguing with Natalie, Jennifer walked up to Donald. “You have a set of formal attire too, right? You should go put it on!” Donald shook his head. “I’ll do that in a bit.”

“What are you waiting for?” Jennifer asked in confusion after a brief pause. “For the show to start.” Donald then pointed at a television inside the room and continued, “Could you help me turn on the TV? I want to watch the news.”

He wants to watch the news in Supreme Gala’s dressing area? Camille had no idea what Donald was playing at, but she had an obligation to try and satisfy their customers’ requests if possible.

She had just switched on the television when the excited voice of an entertainment news reporter was heard. “Wynter Lowe has just announced that she will be canceling her contract with Sefoya! From now on, she will no longer be Sefoya’s brand ambassador! While Wynter has yet to explain her exact reasons for canceling the contract, her manager revealed it could be related to the gown named ‘White Swan’! Oh, Wynter has just made a post about it! She says she is dissatisfied with Sefoya’s White Swan! Apparently, she hated it after seeing pictures of her in it online!”

What? Wynter is canceling her contract with Sefoya because she doesn’t like White Swan? I wouldn’t have believed that if I hadn’t seen it on the news with my own eyes! To think I was just bragging about Wynter being Sefoya’s brand ambassador earlier…

Camille felt as if she had just been humiliated in front of everyone. Meanwhile, Harold simply stared at Donald as he thought about what had just happened.

Could Donald have something to do with Wynter’s sudden cancelation of her contract? This seems like too much of a coincidence if you ask me. Besides, Donald sounded so confident that it’s almost as if he knew what was going to happen.

“Well? Are you still going to wear this gown when you perform on stage, Natalie?” Wynter canceling her contract was like a slap in the face for Sefoya, Harold, and Natalie.

This performance is really important to me! I chose to have White Swan tailored at Sefoya just so I could become the center of attention like Wynter! I was hoping I could go viral with it, but Wynter has just canceled her contract with Sefoya because of White Swan. There’s no way I can go on stage wearing it now!

“I’ll remember this, Donald, Jennifer!” Natalie yelled angrily as she ripped her brooch off and stormed back into the fitting room to get changed.

Natalie had always been the cause of Jennifer’s insecurity. The latter felt inferior because Natalie had the support of her family, which was something she lacked. As such, Jennifer felt much better after Donald helped avenge her.

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