Son In Law Madness Chapter 540

Chapter 540 Astrea By Fernando Snow

Ha! This guy must’ve lost his mind or something! Wynter isn’t attending Supreme Gala, so there’s no way she’d say that! Natalie let out a disdainful chuckle at the thought of that.

Suddenly, the door to the fitting room was opened, and Jennifer stepped out in a dark purple dress. “How do I look, Donald?” she asked, her face blushing slightly.

The dark purple color of the gown matched her fair skin perfectly. Jennifer looked so stunningly beautiful that everyone in the room was frozen in shock.

“What the… How could a gown like this possibly exist?” Harold exclaimed with disbelief written all over his face. He had neither seen the materials used in making the gown nor heard of its design.

The gown was made up of three layers, with the outermost layer being a thin veil coated with diamonds. The diamonds helped conceal the dark-colored girdle inside and gave the gown an air of mystery.

The second layer was a girdle with a dark-colored pattern that glittered and sparkled when light shone on it from different angles. The innermost layer was a figure-hugging bodice. Jennifer was not sure what material it was made of, but it was breathable and did not feel restrictive at all.

“You look amazing, Jennifer! Don’t you see how stunned they are?” Donald then shifted his gaze toward Harold. “Well? What do you think? Which is better? My girlfriend’s gown or White Swan?”

“You win. I’ll retire from the entertainment industry…” Harold muttered through clenched teeth. Harold? Retire from the entertainment industry?

Natalie was instantly snapped out of her daze when she heard that. The entire entertainment industry holds Harold in high regard! My career will be ruined if they find out that he retired because of me!

“Donald must’ve rented this gown somewhere! They can’t have won just yet!” Natalie protested as she refused to admit defeat. Harold, on the other hand, took his loss with honor.

“This gown does indeed look better than White Swan, so it’s undeniable that I have lost the bet. Don’t lose your cool, Natalie. You still have a performance coming up,” he said solemnly.

Harold then walked up to Donald and asked, “Could you tell me the name of this gown? I’d like to know who made this amazing work of art.”

“It’s Astrea by Fernando Snow himself. It has a total of three hundred and sixty-five diamonds.” Upon hearing that, Camille and another female staff member glared enviously at Jennifer.

Three hundred and sixty-five diamonds? Most people would only use one diamond when proposing to their girlfriends, but this gown has three hundred and sixty-five diamonds? This is ridiculous! Harold let out a wry chuckle as he realized he had lost fairly and squarely.

Fernando is the best fashion designer in the world. Most people can only dream of having him design an outfit for them. As Fernando only designs outfits when he has an inspiration for it, simply having lots of money isn’t going to cut it. Therefore, he must’ve designed Astrea specially for Jennifer. Since this is no longer about money, I can confirm there’s definitely more to Donald than meets the eye!

Harold was able to deduce all that information from Jennifer’s gown alone, but the same could not be said about Natalie. All she knew was that her gown did not look as good as Jennifer’s.

Consumed by envy, she shouted, “Hey, Jennifer! How much did you spend on that gown of yours? I’ll pay ten times as much, so take it off and sell it to me right now! This is a great deal for you, so what do you say?”

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