Son In Law Madness Chapter 539

Chapter 539 Blind Them With Your Beauty

“I actually had a gown prepared for you, but it was supposed to be a surprise. Since they’re so eager to see it, I might as well show it to them now,” Donald reassured her with a pat on the hand.

Even so, Jennifer could not help but worry as she had promised Linda she would attend the Supreme Gala. Therefore, leaving the venue halfway through would have a negative impact on her remarriage with Donald.

Feeling smug after seeing Jennifer’s anxious expression, Natalie glanced at Camille and asked with her chin held high, “Has my White Swan arrived?”

“Yes, Ms. Quidley. Please come with me to the fitting room,” Camille replied as she escorted Natalie to the fitting room. The two of them even flashed Jennifer a gleeful smile before entering the fitting room.

Let’s see if you can afford something that costs more than five hundred and sixty thousand, Jennifer!

Harold waited until they were gone before saying, “Mr. Campbell, it’s clear as day that you and I are not of the same profession. I know you were only putting up an act in front of Natalie. If you two leave now, I can pretend this never happened and call off our little bet.”

When Jennifer heard that, her eyes lit up. We won’t have to leave the venue if he calls off the bet! “Donald…”

Holding her hand, Donald motioned for her to keep quiet as he asked, “Are you scared, Harold?” Hearing the other man’s question, Harold narrowed his eyes. “What did you just say?”

“You can just tell me if you’re scared. I won’t laugh at you or anything.” “Donald, I’m simply trying to spare you and your girlfriend here from the inevitable humiliation. Did you really think I’d be scared of you?” Harold muttered through clenched teeth.

“It’s good to know you’re not scared. Just be patient. The gown I requested for will be arriving shortly.” Those words had barely left Donald’s mouth when a man came in with two exquisite-looking boxes in his hands.

“Here you go, Mr. Campbell!” Donald nodded and replied calmly, “Just leave it on the side.”

The man did as told and stepped out of the room after that. Handing Jennifer one of the boxes, Donald pointed at the other fitting room, uttering, “Go on, get changed and blind them with your beauty.”

Jennifer stared hesitantly at the heavy box in her hands. There will be no turning back once I put this gown on…

However, she decided to throw caution to the wind when she saw the confident look in Donald’s eyes.

No, I shouldn’t worry about competing against others. Donald bought me this dress, so it’s extremely precious. Even if it isn’t better than White Swan, I’ll still wear it on a date with him! No longer feeling anxious, she leaned in and gave Donald a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks for the gown. I’ll go put it on for you right now.”

Natalie came out of her fitting room right as Jennifer entered one. Despite her nasty behavior, Natalie had a rather decent figure, and White Swan helped complement that by adding an air of elegance to her. “Where’s Jennifer? She didn’t run off on her own, did she?”

“Ms. Wilson has also entered the fitting room.” Harold eyed her from head to toe as he added with a satisfied smile, “I knew this gown would suit you well. You’ll become the center of attention if you wear this on stage today.”

Receiving his compliment, Natalie felt even more confident in her appearance. She then glanced at her watch before telling Donald, “I’ll be going on stage in thirty minutes. It’s a shame you and Jennifer won’t be around to witness me captivate the audience with my dazzling beauty.”

“Is that so? What if Wynter says your gown doesn’t look good? Would you still wear it on stage?” Donald asked while scrolling through his phone.

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