Son In Law Madness Chapter 538

Chapter 538 Introducing Harold Dawson

Donald shot the man an annoyed look, asking, “And who the heck are you?” This guy has been awfully quiet while Natalie and Camille were insulting Jennifer earlier. Why would he suddenly butt in after I called White Swan ugly?

“This gentleman here is Harold Dawson. Mr. Dawson is the key makeup artist in Queen Lowe’s team and also the one who picked out White Swan,” Natalie introduced solemnly before the man could even say anything.

“Oh, that explains your strong reaction. You were the one who picked the gown for her, huh?” Donald stared at Harold seriously. “In that case, I seem to have gotten the wrong idea about Wynter. It’s not her fashion sense that needs work, but her ability to hire the right person for the job.”

The look on Harold’s face turned gloomy instantly. All of Yorksland’s entertainment industry treat me with the utmost respect! Heck, even Wynter wouldn’t dare say a word about my fashion sense!

“I wasn’t planning on getting involved in your little squabble, but you questioning my taste is absolutely unacceptable. I believe White Swan is one of the best gowns out there. If you can find one that can surpass it, I will admit defeat and retire from the entertainment industry! If you can’t find a better gown, then you are to leave Supreme Gala immediately. I do not want to see you at the banquet after this!” Harold snapped back at him with a sneer.

There were some gowns out there that looked better than White Swan, but Harold did not think Donald was knowledgeable enough to identify them. That was the key difference that separated professionals from non-professionals.

For example, it would be near impossible for an average person to win an argument with a mechanic over which spare parts were of better quality.

As if that was not challenging enough, Natalie decided to take things up a notch by saying, “Having them find a gown like that simply won’t do, Mr. Dawson! Given how advanced technology is these days, they could easily look it up on the internet! Jennifer, your boyfriend said he finds these gowns ugly, didn’t he? We’ll admit defeat if he can present a gown that’s better than White Swan.”

Presenting a gown and finding one were two completely different things. One simply needed to have great taste in order to find a gown better than White Swan, but to present one would first require him to own said gown.

Naturally, that would cost a huge amount of money. Ha! Take that, Jennifer! You can blame your ignorant boyfriend for insulting White Swan to Harold’s face! N

“Sure thing. The bet is on, then! Give me fifteen minutes. I’ll have someone bring the gown over.” Donald then pulled up two chairs and sat Jennifer down beside him. “All right, you two have fifteen minutes to make it happen!” Natalie replied excitedly.

My family background is clearly better than Jennifer’s, and yet, she somehow became the center of attention back at Cultural Palace. I’ve always wanted to crush her pride and ego beneath my heel and show her who’s better, but she withdrew from Cultural Palace before I got the chance to. On top of that, she even stopped playing the piano altogether! Oh, Jennifer, I can’t believe you’d have the audacity to attend Supreme Gala with that ignorant boyfriend of yours! Today, I shall show you just how superior I am!

“Let’s just get out of here, Donald. It’s best if we don’t cause any trouble.” Although Jennifer had no idea how powerful Harold was, she knew Natalie was from a rather wealthy family.

While most other parents could only afford bicycles, Natalie had a butler drive her to and from school. Now that my family is finally able to afford a car after all these years, one can only imagine how much wealthier her family must’ve become.

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