Son In Law Madness Chapter 537

Chapter 537 Natalie The Bully

“Really? She can play the piano better than you?” The man was a little surprised, as Natalie had risen to fame as a talented pianist in Yorksland. She would be performing live on stage at the Supreme Gala tonight.

“That was the case in the past, but I’m not sure about it now. Jennifer, if I recall, you stopped taking classes at Cultural Palace after receiving those awards. I heard your family stopped you from taking piano lessons because you guys couldn’t afford it. I can’t remember if it was the tuition fees or piano that broke the bank, though.”

Piano lessons were really expensive, and Jennifer’s family was not financially doing well back then. Her parents only agreed to let her take piano lessons for a year because she kept begging them for it.

Linda had never considered letting her become a pianist, as she did not think the income generated would be enough to cover the costs.

A couple of trophies was all Jennifer got after winning those city-level piano competitions, so pursuing a career as a pianist did not seem very practical.

Besides, Jennifer would need to practice a lot at home if she wished to take her piano skills to a higher level. Naturally, the idea of forking out a huge sum to buy a piano did not sit well with Linda.

She would rather buy Kevin video games with that money than buy Jennifer a piano.

Not being able to become a pianist was one of Jennifer’s biggest regrets.

She never expected to run into Natalie at the Supreme Gala, let alone have the latter bring up her painful memories in front of all those people.

Jennifer kept quiet with her head held low, but Natalie refused to stop there. “What are you doing here, Jennifer? The Supreme Gala isn’t some public party that anyone can just attend. How did you get your ticket?” she pressed on.

Although Natalie isn’t as talented as I am when it comes to playing the piano, she was able to pursue her career as a pianist thanks to the support of her family.

With that in mind, Jennifer replied timidly, “Someone gave it to me. My boyfriend and I are just here to have a look around. We’ll be heading home soon.”

“Oh, I see. You’re just having a look around, huh?” Natalie broke into a grin as her gaze fell upon the open catalog on the table. “Even so, this is the Supreme Gala we’re talking about. Your outfits are hardly appropriate for such a grand event. Why don’t you two get yourselves a set of formal attire? They provide tailoring services here, don’t they?”

Having worked retail for many years, Camille was experienced enough to read the room and understand what Natalie was implying.

“Ms. Wilson here thinks our outfits are too expensive. That’s why they chose not to get a set tailored,” she chimed in.

“What? I thought you guys are offering outfits for free?”

“Perhaps Ms. Wilson finds the free outfits too cheap for someone of her status.”

Hearing that, Natalie clicked her tongue in disapproval. “Jennifer, I don’t mean to sound rude, but why haven’t you changed at all? You’re always looking down on cheap stuff even though you can’t afford the expensive stuff. With that attitude of yours, I’m surprised you managed to get by all these years!”

Those words cut Jennifer’s heart like a knife, and her eyes reddened as tears began to form.

Right when Jennifer was about to cry, Donald spoke up. “It’s not that we can’t afford to buy them. We just find the outfits here too ugly for our liking.”

“Oh, now you’re just being shamelessly stubborn!” Camille glared coldly at Donald as she continued, “We designed White Swan, a gown that Wynter wore when attending a formal event! Are you saying you find that gown ugly as well?”

“Yeah, that’s right. There wasn’t anything impressive about White Swan’s design. You don’t actually think that gown was special, do you?” Donald replied nonchalantly while picking his ear.

“Sir, White Swan is a very valuable gown, which is why it suits Wynter’s elegance and status. Your statements are both ignorant and insolent!” chirped the man standing next to Natalie.

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