Son In Law Madness Chapter 536

Chapter 536 Wynter Is Our Brand Ambassador

Although the wealthy guests attending the Supreme Gala would show up in tailored clothes, many owners of small and medium-sized enterprises would bring their dates over and have their clothes tailored on the spot.

When Jennifer said she did not like wearing gowns, she was actually hinting at Donald that they both had no suitable clothes for the event.

After all, it was every girl’s dream to look pretty when attending a grand event such as this. “Do you like those gowns? How about we go get ourselves a set of formal attire as well?”

Jennifer shook her head. “Forget it. I don’t look nice in a gown, so I’d rather not embarrass myself.” “Says who? I think you look better than all of them, so you’d definitely look stunning in a gown.”

Donald then dragged Jennifer into a dressing room before she could say anything further.

“Welcome! Are you two here to get your outfits tailored?” Camille Tate, the staff member on duty, greeted them the moment when they entered the dressing room that had been temporarily set up.

“We’d like to see if there are any designs that suit us.” “Of course. This way, please.” Camille then led them to a desk and handed them a catalog filled with options they could choose from.

After browsing through the catalog, Jennifer realized the free tailoring service only offered a few simplistic designs with very cheap fabric.

It’d be awkward if I run into people wearing these exact same gowns at the Supreme Gala. As for the other outfits… The cheapest men’s suit would cost over seventy thousand, and the cheapest gown would cost over a hundred and twenty thousand.

“Donald, how about we just attend the Supreme Gala dressed like this?” Jennifer whispered into his ear, but Camille heard what she said. The look in Camille’s eyes had turned slightly disdainful, even though she still maintained a smile on her face.

I don’t know how this woman got herself a ticket to this event, but she’s clearly just here to get a glimpse of what life is like for the wealthy!

With that in mind, Camille said, “Sefoya is an international brand, so you need not worry about the quality and designs of our tailored outfits. I’m sure you’ll find it satisfactory after you try it on. Many celebrities in Yorksland have made appearances on television wearing our outfits. Just so you know, Wynter Lowe is our brand ambassador!”

Holding a hand over her mouth, Jennifer exclaimed in shock, “Wynter is your brand ambassador?”

Thinking Jennifer was another one of Wynter’s fans, Camille added, “Yeah! She attended a film award ceremony wearing ‘White Swan’! You can have that tailored here too, by the way.”

Jennifer’s jaw dropped when she turned the page and saw how much White Swan cost. What the… Five hundred and sixty thousand just for a gown? “My goodness… Isn’t this a little too pricey?” Jennifer exclaimed.

“Miss, we’re talking about a gown that Queen Lowe herself has worn. For your information, the feathers on this gown are genuine swan feathers. The price is justified by the complicated production process and rarity of the materials used.”

“Forget it, Donald. Let’s just attend the Supreme Gala dressed like this.” Camille frowned when her efforts at promoting the gown had been in vain. She was so displeased that she did not even bother seeing them out of the dressing room.

That was when a tall woman came in with her arms wrapped around a man’s. Upon seeing Jennifer, she paused in her tracks. “Jennifer? How did you get in?” Jennifer was equally shocked when she saw the woman in front of her. “H-Hi, Natalie…”

“You two know each other?” the man asked. “Oh, Jennifer and I used to take piano lessons together at Cultural Palace. Just so you know, our teacher used to call her a genius back then. In fact, she even won quite a few prizes in the city-level competitions!” replied Natalie Quidley.

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