Son In Law Madness Chapter 535

Chapter 535 The Real Deal

He even wanted to give Armando an explanation on imitation cars, but he had barely lifted his head when someone shoved it back down. “Imitation car?”

With a mighty swing of the hammer, Armando smashed the window of the driver’s seat to pieces and had his men shove Kevin inside. “Just this once. I’ll make an exception and let you have a look inside, so make sure to get an eyeful and tell me if it’s an imitation!”

Being a car enthusiast, Kevin had gotten so excited when he smashed the car earlier that he did not notice if the car’s exterior was authentic.

It was not until he felt how soft and comfortable the seat was that the realization dawned on him. T-This car is the real deal! It’s not an imitation! This is impossible! How could Donald possibly afford a fancy car like this?

Kevin swallowing nervously with his face pale was all Armando needed to know what he was thinking about. “Take this guy to our security room and teach him a lesson. After that, I want you boys to find out who this car belongs to and have him come to the security room,” Armando said while patting the supercar.

He then swaggered off while two of his security guards hauled Kevin out of the car and dragged him toward the security room.

“Hey! Let go! You can’t do this to me! Braxton is my brother-in-law!” Kevin screamed at the top of his lungs, but his cries fell on deaf ears. Meanwhile, Linda was getting her measurements taken by the staff at the Supreme Gala’s dressing area.

Suddenly, she had a bad feeling in her gut and glanced worriedly in the direction of the parking lot. “Honey, do I look good in this outfit?”

As men’s suits were relatively simpler and took a lot less time to tailor, Leonard already had his on as he stood before Linda.

Linda rolled her eyes at him as she asked with a concerned expression, “Why isn’t Kev back yet? He has been gone for quite a long time. Do you think something might’ve happened to him?”

“Nonsense! It has only been about thirty minutes! You know how mischievous Kevin can be, don’t you? Mr. Irving has paid him six hundred thousand to smash up a car, so it’s only natural for him to take his sweet time!” Leonard replied casually.

Feeling relieved after hearing that, Linda nodded in response. “But Mr. Irving seems to have left after bringing us in here. What should we do?”

Leonard did not quite understand what Linda meant. “Mr. Irving is a reputable businessman in Pollerton, so he must have a lot of friends attending this banquet. We’re lucky he’s willing to broaden our horizons by bringing us here! You don’t expect him to stay with us the whole evening, do you?”

Shooting Leonard a fierce glare, Linda snapped back at him, “How will we match-make him and Jennifer if we can’t find him? Need I remind you that we have a task to accomplish? We’re not here to enjoy the party, Leonard!”

“Jennifer is off fooling around with Donald as we speak. Honestly, you should’ve told her to stay away from Donald for at least a year! That way, we’d have more time to set her up with Mr. Irving! What’s the point of us trying to do so if Jennifer isn’t even interested in Mr. Irving?” Leonard replied with a pout after being yelled at.

At that, Linda’s eyes lit up. “If there’s a will, there’s a way. All you have to do is help me find them both. I’ll take care of the matchmaking part.”

Leonard was not sure what she had in mind, but he had a bad feeling about it somehow. While Linda and Leonard were trying out clothes in the dressing area, Jennifer and Donald were browsing through the dressing area as well.

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