Son In Law Madness Chapter 534

Chapter 534 The Apollo Sports Car Is Smashed

Upon hearing that, Linda furrowed her brows in uncertainty. “I hope Kevin will not be in trouble after smashing Donald’s car.”

At her words, Leonard snapped at her, “Don’t overthink it. There’s nothing to be worried about. After all, money can do magic. Didn’t Mr. Irving give him six hundred thousand to get the matter resolved by paying compensation? What a thoughtful son-in-law! Don’t you think we should give it our way to match-make Jennifer and him soonest possible? What’s the point of keeping an eye on Kevin?”

Linda shared the same sentiments with Leonard upon hearing that. Therefore, they quickened their paces to catch up with Braxton and made their way toward the entrance of the hall.

“Excuse me. Please make way.” On the flip side, Kevin dragged the rich businessmen surrounding Donald’s Apollo sports car away and smashed the logo to a dent without a second thought.

They gaped at Kevin as though he had lost his mind. What the hell! Where did this brat come from? How could he have the gall to smash such a luxurious car?

No words could describe how much Kevin enjoyed it when those businessmen had their eyes on him. He was suddenly buoyed up by his strong sense of superiority. “Why are you staring at me? It’s only an imitation car, and I have plenty of money. Anything wrong if I smash it?”

With that, he smashed the Apollo sports car twice again with the hammer. It shattered the rearview mirror right away and dented the hood. Kevin was overexcited as though he had taken a stimulant. Seconds later, he even climbed onto the roof of the car and swung the hammer gleefully.

At the sight, the rich businessmen whipped out their phones to take a video. Kevin even posed for them willingly. One of them lowered his voice and asked quizzically, “Who’s this brat? He’s really daring.”

“No idea. He might be a lunatic who had just escaped from some hospital.” “He’s in deep trouble. I bet he’ll end up rotting in jail.” The more they gossiped, the more excited Kevin got.

Just as he was about to smash the car window to damage the interior part of the Apollo, a burly security guard with a scar on his face dragged him down. Subsequently, he fell clumsily on the ground. “What are you doing? Don’t you know who I am?”

The burly security guard looked at the Apollo sports car before throwing Kevin a glare. “You sure have the guts to stir up turmoil on the turf of Azure Dragon Club, huh? Do you know who I am?”

Kevin steeled himself and retorted, “How would I know a lowly nobody like you? And how dare you lay a finger on me! Just you wait! I’ll ask my brother-in-law to bash your brains out!” “Hmph! You’re definitely asking for trouble!”

Another security guard trampled Kevin’s stomach with a flying kick, causing him to fall to the ground again. Before Kevin could get to his feet, the security guard grabbed his hair to pull him up like a pet dog, pressing his head on the hood of the Apollo sports car.

“He is Armando Xuereb, the third highest leader in Azure Dragon Club. You must have a death wish by getting on his nerves.”

Kevin had never heard about Azure Dragon Club, let alone Armando’s name. Even so, upon seeing the guards’ intimidating faces, he had a gut feeling that they could be influential figures in the underworld and the legal departments.

In a split second, Kevin faltered. However, when he recalled how Braxton had asked him to smash the car, he still uttered, “My brother-in-law is Braxton Irving. He’s the one who asked me to smash this car. Fine, I’ll just pay compensation for the damage done. I have money. There’s six hundred thousand in this card.”

“Six hundred thousand?” Armando suddenly snatched the hammer from Kevin and smashed it onto the hood right in front of him with a loud bang. The latter was scared stiff and almost wet his pants.

Everyone gasped at the scene. This guy named Armando is seemingly fearless. The hammer was barely a few inches from the brat’s head. He could’ve been ripped apart!

“This is a top-level Apollo sports car, you brat. There are only one hundred units worldwide. Now that you have smashed it to such an extent, do you seriously think you can make it up to the owner with six hundred thousand?”

“This car is fake! It’s only an imitation that costs two hundred thousand at most! The price can’t go any higher!” Kevin yelled confidently.

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