Son In Law Madness Chapter 533

Chapter 533 Imitation Car

Shortly after, Kevin managed to get some news. With a hint of excitement written all over his face, he told Braxton, “Mr. Irving, I’ve already checked with my friend. According to him, a few top-notch luxurious cars worldwide were transported from Yaleview recently. However, they are obviously from the black market without proper transport procedure.”

Hearing that, Linda asked in bafflement, “What do you mean by no proper transport procedure?” “It means this batch of cars is illegal. The cars can’t be genuine, as they are either imitations or smuggled.” Leonard was stupefied. “There are even imitations for this type of sports car?”

“Dad, I bet you never know about this. Some of those who like to show off love to have modifications for certain parts of their car frames so their cars resemble the luxurious ones. You won’t spot any difference if you don’t take a closer look. However, if you do so and sit in the car, you’ll be able to tell if it’s an imitation right away. Think about it. Has Jennifer ever been in a luxurious car before? Can she spot any difference? If Donald brags to her about his sports car, won’t she believe it right away? What a despicable man. How could he have the audacity to fool Jennifer with an imitation car? I was almost bluffed by him, too.”

In an instant, Braxton burst out laughing.

“Kev, since it’s an imitation car, I reckon it’s not worth much money. Am I right?”

“Yeah! How much can an imitation car cost? I bet it costs no more than a few hundred thousand.”

“There’s six hundred thousand in this card. I want you to do something for me.” Braxton took a bank card from his wallet and handed it to Kevin. Grinning ear to ear, the latter took it immediately.

Ah! My future brother-in-law is undoubtedly generous! He doesn’t even think twice about spending six hundred thousand! That’s how we define filthy rich and generous!

“Feel free to assign me anything, Mr. Irving. I’ll do the best I can!” “When we reach the parking lot later, I want you to locate his imitation car and smash it.” “S-Smash it?”

Linda and the others were dumbstruck. My goodness! Do the wealthy always do something like this?

“Yeah. Haven’t you started disliking him long ago? To me, he’s a pain in the neck, too. Hence, I thought of asking you to smash his car for me. The leftover amount on this card will be your reward.”

His words whipped Kevin up in an instant. I only need to smash an imitation car to gain a few hundred thousand! What a golden opportunity! Rubbing his hands, Kevin convinced Braxton, “You can count on me on that, Mr. Irving.”

Fifteen minutes later, Braxton parked his car in the parking lot. The moment everyone got out of his car, Donald’s Apollo sports car came into view.

Undeniably, the eye-catching sports car was exceptionally lavish. Even though it was parked among all the other luxurious cars in the parking lot, it did not fail to catch the other business elites’ eyes. Many started surrounding it as they scrutinized and enthusiastically made comments about it.

“Ah! It’s certainly a top-notch luxurious car. Take a look at the hand-printed lines on the door. If I’m not mistaken, each line is different.” “Look at the inner parts of this car. Oh my! The hand gear is made of pure silver, isn’t it? What a lavish design!”

Listening to the business elites discussing fervently, Braxton felt a rush of displeasure surging from within him. I’m always the center of attention on any occasion. How could Donald steal the limelight now?

Right that instant, Braxton shot Kevin a meaningful glance. The latter gestured to him proudly by holding a hammer. “Watch how I teach that Campbell a lesson, Mr. Irving.”

Braxton was not the slightest bit interested in it. After watching the latter advancing toward Donald’s Apollo sports car, he headed straight toward the entrance instead.

Linda and Leonard looked at Kevin before they turned to cast a look at Braxton, who was walking ahead of them. Perplexed, they were indecisive about who they should follow. “What are you waiting for? We should follow Mr. Irving.”

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