Son In Law Madness Chapter 532

Chapter 532 Apollo Sports Car

With that, Braxton walked ahead of them. After all, he knew that Jennifer would only walk abreast with Donald, so he wanted to spare himself the embarrassment.

Exiting the residential area, Braxton unlocked his Porsche, opened the car door, and looked at Jennifer. Linda and the others hopped into it right away, beckoning Jennifer to do so as well.

However, Jennifer paid no heed to it. Holding onto Donald’s arm, she told Linda and the others, “Just go ahead. I’ll go there with Donald by bus.”

Smiling disdainfully, Braxton scoffed, “Jenny, Supreme Gala will be held in the suburb, and there isn’t any bus that heads there straight away. Come on. Get into my car now. There’s still space for one more person.”

Evidently, he was reluctant to give Donald a lift by emphasizing that there was only space for one more person.

Jennifer did not utter any words as she held onto Donald’s arm. In the meantime, Donald looked at Braxton and responded placidly, “It’s all right, Mr. Irving. I sent my car for servicing a few days ago. Someone should be on the way to send it back to me now.”

Hearing that, Linda snorted, “Forget about it, Donald. Didn’t you take a bus here this morning? Don’t ever think you can make a fool of me. Heed my words. If Jenny doesn’t turn up at Supreme Gala today, I won’t allow the two of you to remarry no matter what!”

Upon hearing her words, Jennifer was in a dilemma.

She looked at Donald and suggested softly, “Donald, how about I go with them first and wait for you at the entrance? After all, I’ll be considered as attending it as long as I show up there, and my mom won’t be able to go back on her word.”

Patting her hand, Donald reassured her, “Don’t worry. Since I’ve promised to bring you there to have fun, there’s no way I’d let you wait for me alone at the entrance.”

On the heels of that, the ear-splitting sound of a car engine sounded from the corner of the street.

Everyone turned to look in the same direction instinctively. Soon, an orange Apollo race car whizzed toward them. It then pulled to a halt right in front of Donald and Jennifer.

Following that, a tall and slender woman got out of it and placed the key in Donald’s palm. “Here’s your car, Mr. Campbell. It’s serviced and at an optimum stage. You may set off at any time.”

“Got it. Thank you.” Right after he pressed a button on the key, the two car doors opened upward as though a giant bird was spreading its wings. “Jenny, get into the car. Let me take you for a drive.”

In the meantime, Kevin, seated in the passenger seat next to the driver’s seat, widened his eyes in sheer disbelief. “Apollo S7? It’s a top-notch sports car limited to only a hundred units worldwide. Good gracious! How’s it possible that he owns one!”

As Linda had no idea about cars, she asked hastily, “Kev, is it valuable?”

“This is the top-level sports car limited to one hundred units worldwide, Mom. Needless to say, it’s extremely valuable. In fact, it’s not something that can be easily purchased. How the hell did Donald manage to get it?”

Compared to Donald’s Apollo sports car, Braxton’s Porsche was a stark contrast to it, like an ordinary car. At the sight of Donald’s sports car speeding off, Braxton sat in his Porsche with a look of utter grimness.

Could he be the one who saved Jennifer? Otherwise, how could he own such a top-level sports car? No, no. It can’t be. If Donald has such competency, he wouldn’t have needed anyone to back him up in relaunching the Dragon Fide Project. He could’ve effortlessly relaunched it without anyone’s help, right?

“Kev, do you think it’s possible to rent any Apollo S7 in Pollerton?” Braxton piped up. “I’m not very sure; I need to check with my friend.”

“Help me ask about it, then.” With that, he started the engine of his Porsche, while Kevin whipped out his phone to ask about the Apollo sports car via WhatsApp.

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