Son In Law Madness Chapter 531

Chapter 531 Braxton Suspects Donald

Catching sight of Jennifer and Donald talking to each other in their own world, Linda almost blew a blood vessel. Meanwhile, Leonard could not help mocking Donald inwardly. Hmph! Donald Campbell, do you know that Mr. Irving came in his Porsche? I can’t believe you took a bus here and even had to endure the traffic jam.

How ridiculous! There’s no way I’ll accept you as my son-in-law! “Jennifer, what’s wrong with you? Have you forgotten what you promised me?”

“Of course not.” Staring at Linda, Jennifer refuted, “You set a second term that I’m only allowed to remarry Donald after attending Supreme Gala. However, you didn’t specify who I must attend it with. Hence, I plan to attend this eye-opening occasion with Donald before getting our marriage certificate tomorrow.”

“Remarry?” Braxton threw a glance at Linda and questioned, “Mrs. Wilson, what on earth is going on?”

Linda’s heart skipped a beat. She assumed Braxton was irked by the word “remarry” and explained hastily, “Mr. Irving, don’t take Jenny’s words to heart. What remarry? She’s still an innocent young lady. That was why she was deceived by Donald previously. Now that the scoundrel intends to deceive her for the second time, we won’t let her fall victim to his despicability without batting an eyelid!”

“But as far as I can see, Ms. Wilson seems to take a fancy to him.” “That’s not true. She’s only blinded by his sweet talks at the moment. I reckon she will be enlightened and change her mind after attending the gala tonight.”

Initially, Braxton intended to win Jennifer’s heart as requested by Tyrone. However, an alarm bell started ringing in his head after he knew what had occurred when Oscar made the first move by taking Jennifer to Est Montaigne, the Youngblood family’s safe house.

By rights, Jennifer would not have been able to flee from there. Thus, he was astonished when she escaped safe and sound, while Est Montaigne was razed.

He looked for Jennifer to see if she was indeed fine and if his instinct that someone was discreetly protecting her was right. Apart from that, he intended to find ways to track down that particular person. Could that person be Donald?

Scanning Donald from head to toe, Braxton found that he was no different from other commoners, be it his demeanor or aura. Forget it. Since I’m clueless about it now, I’ll put on a show later tonight to find out who that person is.

As the thought occurred to Braxton, he flashed Jennifer a smile. “Jenny, I’d initially invited you to Supreme Gala so you can have an eye-opening experience. However, I don’t have any extra entry tickets, so I’m afraid you can’t go with us, Donald.”

“Don’t worry about that. I have mine.” With that said, Donald whipped out an entry ticket for Supreme Gala. Where did he get it from?

Tamping down his surging displeasure, Braxton stated placidly, “All right. Since you have yours, let’s set off now.” “Um, Mr. Irving, don’t you think it’s inappropriate for Jenny to attend the gala without dressing up?”

“Just let her dress as she likes as long as she feels comfortable. After all, it’s her freedom. The gala only starts later at six, anyway. We can reach there earlier to get the matter resolved. They actually provide services for customized outfits there.”

“Really? Is it free of charge? Can Jenny’s father and I each have a customized outfit, too?” Upon seeing Linda behaving like a bumpkin, Braxton could not help feeling amused.

Fabrics used to custom-make outfits on the spot were usually low in quality. As a result, the outfits sewn were not as presentable as expected. Unequivocally, the outfit customization was only a gimmick. The wealthy ones would never consider having theirs customized on the spot, as they felt it would only downgrade themselves.

Since Linda and her family’s curiosity was piqued, Braxton decided to keep quiet about it. “Don’t worry, Mrs. Wilson. As long as we have the entry tickets, everything’s free.”

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