Son In Law Madness Chapter 530

Chapter 530 Good Grief

Linda shot a look at Kevin. “What? Is it that hard for you to help maintain your sister’s chastity? Do you want to stay here to keep watch or go home and sleep? Figure it out for yourself!”

“I-I’ll stay.” Linda only headed downstairs with Leonard after seeing no further protestations from Kevin.

Inside the elevator, the flummoxed Leonard asked, “Darling, don’t you think that the two conditions you proposed just now were a little too simple? What if Jennifer is still determined to marry Donald after tomorrow’s Supreme Gala?”

“Relax. That won’t happen,” replied Linda with a smirk. “I’m not going to allow Donald any chances because I will only have my daughter marry someone of Braxton’s caliber!”

Early the next morning, there was a knock on the door. When Jennifer answered it, the pallid and shivering Kevin clutched his own arms and made his way inside.

“I’m going to take a hot shower first, Jennifer, so you should tidy up quickly. Mr. Irving will be here to pick you up in an hour’s time.” The sight of Kevin in the state he was in led Jennifer to conclude that her younger brother must have kept vigil outside her doors the entire night.

She was somewhat displeased but driven by the thought of needing only to endure one more day before she could be remarried to Donald. She bottled up her emotions and went inside her own room to get changed.

When he stepped out of the bathroom, the sight of Jennifer’s attire left Kevin stumped. “Do you intend to attend the banquet dressed like that, Jennifer?”

With her fantastic figure, Jennifer was equally capable of turning heads even when dressed in sporting outfits. That set, however, was considerably conservative in its design. It comprehensively covered Jennifer and exposed no other part of her body aside from her face.

Wouldn’t Jennifer be embarrassing herself by showing up to such a formal banquet dressed like that? “I’m dressing this way for comfort. Is there a problem?”

“You can’t do this, Jennifer. You’ve promised Mom that you’ll attend the Supreme Gala, so you can’t be pulling little stunts like this. Shouldn’t you at least try to put on something that features a low neckline, or a bareback, or whatnot?”

“Since when have you ever seen me wear clothes like that?” the grim-faced Jennifer said. It occurred to Kevin that that was indeed the case. Although his older sister was quite the looker, she had never been a flashy dresser and certainly owned no clothes that were sensuous in any way.

While Kevin was mulling over how to talk Jennifer around, Linda and Leonard showed up outside the door alongside Braxton.

“Please, please. Come on in. Jenny was really happy when she heard that we would be able to attend the Supreme Gala tonight and has been really looking forward to it since yesterday.”

When Linda’s voice faded, she lifted her head to see Jennifer in her sportswear. That made Linda’s smile freeze in place. Good grief. “What on earth is that you’re wearing, Jennifer? Hurry up and change into something else!”

Standing outside the doors in his white tuxedo, Braxton cut a very dashing and elegant figure. In contrast, Jennifer would surely be left looking completely out of place if she were to stand beside him in that getup she had on her.

Seated on the couch with a bag of chips in her clutches, Jennifer said, “You only said that I have to attend the Supreme Gala, but did not specify what I must wear to it.”

“Y-You’re really going to be the death of me! Don’t you realize that you’re going to embarrass Mr. Irving if you were to show up like that?”

“It’s fine. I don’t mind at all.” When Linda’s voice faded out, Donald’s voice emanated from the doorway.

Before Linda could get a proper look, Donald had already squeezed his way past the three of them and made his way into the room. Then, he sat himself down on the couch to cuddle with Jennifer.

“What took you so long? I would have been taken away by someone else had you shown up a little later.” Pursing her lips, Jennifer acted as coquettishly as any young lover would.

“The bus was late, and there was heavy traffic as well. I’m sorry that I didn’t plan my schedule well, Jenny.” “It’s all right. I think I’ll let you off this once since you managed to get here just in time.”

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