Son In Law Madness Chapter 529

Chapter 529 Two Conditions

“Go ahead. If you jumped, it’d come to me as a relief. That way, Donald and I may be able to go on and live our lives in peace.” Jennifer regarded the three of them frostily and showed no inclination whatsoever to dissuade them, leaving them at a loss for how to react to Jennifer’s unexpected hardheartedness that time around.

“Are we still going to jump, Mom?” Kevin asked, stupefied. “Do it yourself if you want to! I haven’t gotten tired of living yet!” Linda had only threatened to jump to her death to make Jennifer relent. Since Jennifer was unmoved, there was no reason for her to really end her own life like that either.

“Fine, Jennifer. You can remarry Donald, but only on two conditions.” “Are you actually going to allow them to be remarried, Mom? Have you lost your mind?”

There was no quantifying how much Kevin fretted inside as Jennifer was, in his esteem, his golden ticket to the high life. If Jennifer were to marry someone as worthless as Donald, then there would surely be nothing in it for me.

Linda shot Kevin a look in a way that took him aback and had him bowing his head in silence.

Although Jennifer was determined to be with Donald, she still hoped to be able to receive her family’s blessing. On her part, she had no desire to sever all her familial ties even after she returned to Donald’s side. “Tell me then, Mom, What are these conditions?”

With her arms akimbo, Linda replied impassively, “The first. Donald is not to remain here tonight.” Jennifer blushed as she knew well what Linda was worried about. She stole a glance at Donald in concern that that might make him unhappy. Donald merely stroked her nose and said, “It’s just one night. Wouldn’t make any difference to me.”

Their implicit expressions of intimacy through their body language left Linda quietly infuriated. “Secondly, you have to attend the Supreme Gala tomorrow and can only decide whether you want to rekindle your marriage with Donald after the banquet concludes.”

Jennifer reacted with a frown. “Look, Mom. I’ve already told you that I don’t want to attend the Supreme Gala and am even less interested in Braxton.”

Linda reacted with a frosty smirk. “So, does that mean you are unable to fulfill the second condition? If you can’t do it then go ahead and reregister your marriage tomorrow, but prepare to sever ties with the rest of us!”

It was not the first time Linda had resorted to using that threat against Jennifer.

Jennifer might be inclined to stand firmly on Donald’s side had Linda proposed anything more unreasonable, but in careful consideration, she did not find Linda’s demands that much to ask.

The Supreme Gala was a once-a-year event attended by those in the upper echelons of Pollerton society. Had there ever been any single successful businessperson who did not derive pride from being able to partake in the event?

Perhaps all they want is to be able to make an appearance there. With that in mind, Jennifer peeked at Donald in the hope of soliciting his input.

Donald shrugged and said, “If these are the only two conditions, then I’ve no problems with them. We can always remarry a day later. I’m willing to wait, no matter how long it takes.”

Donald’s words filled Kevin’s heart with disgust. “Very well, Mom. I accept your two conditions. However, I want you to promise me in return that once I have fulfilled them, all of you will no longer try to prevent us from being together.”

“Sure. Since when have I not kept my word to you?”

Seeing that Jennifer had agreed, Linda proceeded to exit the room in the company of Leonard and Kevin. After a brief hug, Jennifer also saw Donald out of the door.

Once Donald was gone, Linda whispered to Kevin, “Keep watch here tonight in case Donald tries to sneak back in after we leave. Your sister’s chastity is of the utmost importance, so we must not allow that punk to screw things up for her.”

“What? Am I to stay here to keep watch?” Kevin sounded rather aggrieved. “How am I to do that when there’s not even a place to sit around here?”

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