Son In Law Madness Chapter 528

Chapter 528 The Stand

The thought of what may follow got Jennifer’s cheeks in a hot flush. Should I give in if Donald were to make a move on me? While still mired in indecision, Jennifer produced the keys to unlock the door. “Huh? Why are the lights on?”

The two of them entered the house only to discover Leonard and Linda inside the living room. Kevin, Jennifer’s younger brother, was there as well. “Dad, Mom. How did you get in here?”

Jennifer was stunned. Though she had not changed the locks to their marital home since Donald moved out, she was the only one who held the keys. Linda’s expression instantly stiffened when she saw Donald standing behind Jennifer.

“How did we get in? I have the spare set of keys to this house!” said Linda as she stood up from the couch. “Were you going to allow Donald to stay for the night if we hadn’t shown up?”

“This is between me and him. It has nothing to do with you,” replied Jennifer in a sullen voice.

That got Linda incensed. “I am your mother, so you tell me whether that ought to be any concern of mine! Shouldn’t it be obvious to you by now what sort of man Donald Campbell is? If it isn’t enough that he’s always stirring up trouble everywhere he goes, he’s also constantly messing around with other women out there. Lord knows how many of them he’s gotten himself mixed up with, and most importantly, he even tried to…”

“Mom, that’s enough!” Jennifer snapped with displeasure written all over her face. “I’ve already told you that Donald only did it to save you that time. He wasn’t trying to do anything else to you. What’s more, he isn’t interested in you at all.”

“How dare you speak to your own mother that way!” Leonard approached with a hand raised, poising to strike at Jennifer. He had not anticipated that Jennifer would not only decline to evade but also voluntarily present her own face to him. “Do it. Hit me, and I’ll cut ties with you.”

“You! You’ll be the death of me!” The way Jennifer responded made Leonard wary of following through.

She’s my daughter, after all, and how would hitting her ever help to resolve anything? More crucially, how would she be able to present herself to Mr. Irving if I were to end up making her face swollen?

Linda retrieved a ticket to the Supreme Gala from her own purse, which she then tossed onto the table. She addressed Jennifer sternly, “This came from Mr. Irving. He hopes that we’ll be able to attend the Supreme Gala that will be hosted in downtown Pollerton. Doll yourself up so you don’t embarrass us, and see to it that you snag Braxton Irving for us!”

“I won’t be there,” Jennifer replied blandly. “Donald and I are going to reregister our marriage tomorrow. I’ve nothing to do with Braxton Irving and don’t expect to have any further contact with him again in the future either.”


Kevin could no longer restrain himself. Having staked my own financial future completely on Braxton, would I not be doomed to remain a nobody for the rest of my life if Jennifer would not make him my brother-in-law?

“No way. I won’t have it!” Kevin started to kick up a fuss. “You can marry anyone except that worthless piece of cr*p Donald!”

Jennifer glared at Kevin. “Whoever asked for your permission? I’m the one who is getting married, not you. You’ve no say in this.” “There she goes again, Mom, just look at her!”

Already accustomed to dealing with such scenarios, Linda straightaway pushed open the window to Jennifer’s marital apartment to drape one of her own legs over the other side.

“Are you trying to drive me to my death, Jennifer? Choosing to marry Donald Campbell over Mr. Irving? Swear to me that you will sever all ties to this useless man, or I’ll jump down from here in front of you!”

“Me too. If you don’t swear to it, then I’ll jump down too!” “Me three!” The trio stood by the windows and forced Jennifer to come to a decision. Only this time, Jennifer did not waver. This was because the one thing she regretted the most after her kidnapping ordeal with Oscar was not letting Donald be her first.

That was when she realized that Donald was the one she truly loved and the only man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

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