Son In Law Madness Chapter 527

Chapter 527 Fireworks

“What’s so great about watching a concert from a distance? It feels so emotionally disengaging,” said Donald blandly at the side.

That got Fane amused. “We’re talking about entry tickets to Wynter Lowe’s concert here, Donald. Do you have any idea how in demand these are in the open market? Emotional engagement? You’re seriously overthinking this.”

Not only had Wynter celebrated Jennifer’s birthday with her herself, but Jennifer had also met the singer several times prior and in person. Would Fane still think as much of those three tickets he had in his possession had he been aware of that fact?

“I’m sorry, Mr. Grayson. I’m not really keen on attending this concert, so you should probably go ask someone else.” With that, Jennifer stood herself upright. “I think I’m not really that fond of Epean cuisine either, Donald. Let’s go visit another restaurant.”

Donald had wanted to surprise Jennifer by taking her to a fancier joint, but Fane proved to be such a massive turnoff that he had completely wrecked Donald’s plans.

While they walked along hand in hand, Donald felt an indescribable sense of contentment just by seeing the happiness Jennifer showed on her face while she munched away at the grilled skewers she was holding.

Living simply with just the basic essentials, without the need to contend with any form of contentiousness and scheming. Was that not the sort of life he had always longed for?

Taking out his phone, he discreetly sent out a message before he regarded Jennifer next to him. “Yes?”

Jennifer touched her own face quizzically when she noticed Donald’s attention on her. “Let’s be married again, Jennifer.”

“Huh?” Jennifer went red in the face as she had not expected Donald to suddenly drop such a suggestion.

The truth was, Jennifer regretted that they had divorced before. It was only after they parted ways that she realized exactly how much she loved Donald.

Now that Donald had actually made his intentions explicit, it conversely filled her with a feeling of uncertainty. Is Donald being serious this time? Are we likely to split again if we were to get into another argument in the future?

“Don’t you want to?” Donald began to become unnerved.

Seeing Donald’s anxiety tickled Jennifer, who burst out laughing. Putting up an offish front, she said, “Is that your idea of a proposal? Aren’t you being a little too miserly, expecting me to agree to marry you just by treating me to some small bites?”

“Of course not. There will be something special if you accept my proposal.” “Really?” Jennifer then paused to consider. “All right then, I accept.”

An incisive sound shot out from a distance the moment her voice faded out as blossoms of fireworks exploded in midair, transforming the night sky into a kaleidoscope of dazzling hues.

They shone like stars when reflected inside Jennifer’s eyes, accentuating the beauty of her entire being. “Were you the one who set this up, Donald?”

Tears welled up in Jennifer’s eyes as she held a hand over her mouth in speechlessness.

“Previously, I was planning to propose inside that Epean restaurant, but Fane messed it up for me, so I hope you don’t mind if we did this out here,” replied Donald with a shrug.

The blushing Jennifer nodded to express her own willingness to marry Donald. “Whoa, look over there. There are words on the front of the MacIsaac Building!” “You’re right. What does it say?”

“Donald loves Jennifer? Is this Donald some celebrity? Who is this Jennifer anyway?” “Does it matter? In any case, being able to profess one’s love on the MacIsaac Building really feels kind of romantic.”

Jennifer was under the impression that there were only going to be some fireworks and had not expected that Donald would have such mushy words projected upon the glass façade of the MacIsaac Building.

That’s just downright embarrassing.

“Shall we head back to our place tonight?”

Jennifer felt herself swooning when Donald whispered that into her ear. In a daze, she inexplicably nodded in assent.

It was only when she stepped out of the elevator alongside Donald that she managed to snap out of it somewhat.

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