Son In Law Madness Chapter 524

Chapter 524 Hovering Bullets

When Donald saw Jennifer, who was on the couch with a swollen red cheek, his gaze turned cold. After Donald took a step forward, Gordon and Oscar finally noticed the bullets hovering in front of him. As Donald continued walking forward, the bullets turned to face Gordon while still hovering in midair.

Gordon panicked and tried to flee, but in the next second, those bullets flew toward their target at a much quicker speed. In the blink of an eye, Gordon was riddled with bullets.

Gordon’s blood splattered on Oscar’s face as Oscar stared at Donald, who looked like a demon that had just crawled out of hell. In his fear, he fell on his buttocks and stammered out, “D-Donald, what are you trying to do? I have the Freedman clan backing me up! The Freedmans won’t let you off if you touch even one of my fingers!”

Crack. Right as Oscar was done speaking, Donald’s umbrella tapped on Oscar’s right index finger. The blaze of pain made Oscar scream in agony. His right index finger had been bent to a strange angle, and it was a terrifying sight to behold.

“I touched a finger. What will the Freedman clan do to me now?” “How dare you, Donald Campbell? The Freedman clan… The Freedman clan will never forgive you for this!”

“The Freedman clan?” Donald let out a derisive snort. “How did you think I came here?”

Right. How did he come here? This is the Heavenly Private Room. He couldn’t have… slaughtered his entire way here, right?

“That’s impossible! This is the Youngblood family’s safe house. How can a loser like you enter this place?”

“I’m already standing in front of you, but you’re still denying reality?” Donald questioned as he looked at the pathetic Oscar. “I’ll let you die in peace. My name is Donald Campbell, and my territory is Quadfield.”

There was nothing unique about the name Donald Campbell, for there were plenty of people whose name was Donald Campbell in the world. What frightened Oscar was how he said that his territory was Quadfield. The territory controller of Quadfield, Lord Campbell?

“Y-You’re Lord Campbell?” It was at that moment Oscar finally understood how Donald managed to charge all the way inside. Not even ten safe houses were safe from Lord Campbell, let alone Est Montaigne.

No wonder Sebastian was adamant about being on Donald’s side, even if it meant that he’d be against his family. It’s because Donald is Lord Campbell!

Surprisingly, Oscar calmed down upon knowing Donald’s identity. He knew that he was doomed to death. “Can you… make it quick?”

A cruel grin grew on Donald’s face as he glanced at the camera in the room. “Do you really think that I’ll grant you a quick death?”

In the meantime, other than Braxton of the Irving family, the people from the other eight prestigious families were all standing right outside Est Montaigne. The people of the eight prestigious families were baffled as they looked at the tightly shut door.

“Est Montaigne has never closed since the opening of its establishment. What’s going on today? Are they trying to take Mr. Campbell’s ten billion worth of assets?”

The people from the eight prestigious families had been taking out all of their trump cards in an attempt to get their hands on Jennifer from Est Montaigne. Yet, they came only to be greeted by the closed doors of Est Montaigne.

Wyatt Humboldt of the Humboldt family said to Gibbons, “Don’t you know what kind of being the Youngblood family is? How can the Youngbloods’ safe house be worth less than Mr. Campbell’s ten billion worth of assets? Instead of joking about the Youngbloods here, we should be thinking about who should enter first and who should enter last.”

They were all confident with the trump cards they had, and that was why the order of entrance was important.

Errol Winston of the Winston family pushed the glasses on his nose bridge higher. “I’m the first to arrive, so I should be the one who enters first. Does any of you object to that?”

“Rubbish! It’s one thing to have an order of entrance for a bathroom trip, but that won’t work here!” “Stop fighting. Why don’t we draw lots? We’ll decide who should enter based on that instead.”

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