Son In Law Madness Chapter 523

Chapter 523 Quite Beautiful

“No wonder Tyrone was willing to release news about the ten billion worth of personal assets. You’re quite beautiful.” As he spoke, he walked toward Jennifer. Just as he was about to touch Jennifer’s face, she abruptly snapped back to her senses.

“Who are you? What are you trying to do? Get away from me!” Jennifer lifted her leg to kick Oscar, but due to the lingering effects of the drug, her hit did not kick Oscar away.

Instead, he grabbed her ankle and began chuckling. “I like the way you struggle. The more you struggle, the more excited I am.” “You pervert! Let go of me! Donald won’t let you off if you dare to lay a finger on me!”

“Donald Campbell?” The smile on Oscar’s face grew wider. As he pointed at a camera in the room, he said, “I heard that you’re still a virgin. Do you see that camera over there? I’ll be using a few more angles to film the process of me bedding you. Then, I’ll send the video to Donald. I wonder what expression he’ll have on his face when he watches the video.”

Jennifer was gripped by despair. She never expected Oscar to be completely unafraid of Donald. Moreover, Jennifer did not know where she was; she could not even ask Donald to save her.

Am I going to be ruined by this man in front of me? I’m sorry, Donald. I’m so sorry. As tears rolled down her cheeks, she placed her hand behind her back.

Right as Oscar leaned his face over, she took out a small knife from behind her and slashed Oscar’s face. Then, without hesitation, she brought it down toward her neck.

She would never let Oscar taint her even if it meant certain death—she would never let Donald be humiliated. However, before the knife could touch the skin of her neck, Oscar grabbed it.

In the next second, Oscar slapped Jennifer, and the force of the slap rendered Jennifer unconscious. “B*tch, know your limits!”

After throwing the knife to the side, Oscar walked over to the table to grab the medical kit, about to treat his facial injury. Yet, at that moment, the sounds of someone kicking the door came out from outside the safe house.

Oscar’s hand on the gauze shuddered before he shouted at his bodyguard, “Gordon, take a look at what’s going on outside.”

Oscar was in the Heavenly Private Room. As long as he did not leave the room, no one would technically come to him, let alone kick his door.

Gordon thought of checking the surveillance camera outside the room, but just as he came close to the screen, he realized the signal was lost.

“Boss, the camera has been destroyed, so I can’t see who’s outside.” The kicking sounds were getting louder and louder, and Oscar could even feel the house begin to shake.

At that, he started to panic. It seemed like his enemy had come, but he did not know which enemy was outside. “Don’t be scared, Boss. This is a specially-made door the Youngblood family ordered. There’s no way he’ll be able to kick it open.”

Just as he said that, they heard a loud thump. In the next moment, they saw a man-made hole in the wall beside the door.

Oscar paled and turned speechless. While it was true that the door remained intact, they could not say the same for the wall. “Fire!”

At that order, Gordon raised his rifle and began shooting at the figure behind the wall through the hole. It was such a narrow space, so there was no way he would miss the person. Yet, the figure was still moving even after Gordon unloaded his entire magazine.

Only after the dust settled did Oscar catch a glimpse of who was there. “Donald Campbell! How could it be you?” To his knowledge, Donald was a useless man who had foolishly forced the reactivation of the Dragon Fide Project.

Hence, he could not wrap his mind around how a useless man like him managed to barge into Est Montaigne alone and how he had managed to remain unscathed despite the spray of bullets earlier.

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