Son In Law Madness Chapter 522

Chapter 522 Rigorous Training

“Argh!” Those who could become the Youngbloods’ manager in charge of the safe house had to undergo rigorous training. Yet, Tevin Youngblood felt that no punishment was as agonizing as the pain he was feeling.

“I’ll tell you… Oscar’s in Heavenly Private Room.” Tevin could not stand it anymore. The past two seconds felt like years to him.

Donald nodded and began walking to Heavenly Private Room with an umbrella. Tevin then grabbed the hem of Donald’s pants and pleaded in a lowly manner, “Please give me the antidote…”

Donald kicked Tevin away and muttered, “This poison will only be in effect for three minutes, so enjoy it.” Three minutes?

Tevin could not even stand it for another second. The poison weakened every part of his body and made him unable to even end his own life. Steeling himself, Tevin then opened his mouth to bite his tongue.

Nevertheless, Donald ignored Tevin, who was bound to die, and he continued forward. A few steps after, Donald encountered Sivert, who had come with a spear in hand.

As Donald was there to raze Est Montaigne to the ground, he did not bother dropping the aggressive demeanor.

Sivert, who stood opposite him, readied himself for a battle. As he held the spear in front of him, he uttered, “Who are you? How dare you barge into the Youngblood family’s Est Montaigne? Do you have a death wish?”

“Scram.” Donald continued his way, completely ignoring Sivert. What an arrogant fellow! In his fury, Sivert shot out his spear toward Donald’s throat.

The tassel on the spear bloomed like a crimson flower and concealed Sivert’s hand motion from Donald’s vision. That way, Donald would not be able to guess where Sivert’s spear was going to go next.

For Sivert, speed and agility were the best parts of his spear.

He had already mulled over his next move. If his first strike were to fail, he would twist his spear and swing it downward before swiping it on the ground to force a gap between him and Donald.

However, in the next second, Sivert’s plan was disrupted. Normal people tend to take a step back at an incoming stab, or they would use their weapon to block the blow.

Yet, the spear was like a toy to Donald, completely harmless. Donald reached out with his left hand and easily grabbed the spear.

“Huh?” Sivert froze. “You’re too slow.” Donald continued walking forward as he bent the spear in his hand until it was out of shape. When Sivert sensed the pressure coming from his hand, he hastily took a step back and twisted the spear in an attempt to make Donald let go of it.

Nevertheless, it was pointless. Donald’s left hand gripped the weapon as if it was a clamp. At that, Sivert’s heart lurched. He’s at least on par with a Novem Stella Warrior! I’m definitely no match for him! “Is that all you have?”

Donald exerted a little more strength in his left hand and broke the head of the spear. Knowing that he was no match for Donald, Sivert fled. Donald sneered, and he flung the spear toward Sivert, stabbing his thigh.

“I’m so sorry! I was a fool not to have recognized a powerful man like you! Please let me go! We bear no grudge against each other, and as long as you let me go, I’ll be your servant!”

The more one tasted what power was like, the more fearful of death one would become. That was the case for Sivert.

He had become a renowned fighter from an average person, and he had to put in much effort for that. Sivert did not want to die; he still wanted to continue enjoying his life, but was that a chance Donald would give him?

In Heavenly Private Room, Oscar was wearing black long-sleeved nightwear with a glass of red wine in his hand. At that moment, he was studying Jennifer, who was lying horizontally on the couch.

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