Son In Law Madness Chapter 521

Chapter 521 Duel

Before the man could even react, Donald had fractured his sternum. “You!” The other security quickly realized that something was horribly wrong. Just as he was about to strike, Donald was one step ahead.

A beam of bright light appeared from the tip of the black umbrella. When the men returned to their senses, a red line trickled across their throats. The two Quattuor Stella Warriors fell dead in the blink of an eye. Who is this man? How is he so powerful?

Tevin reached out his hand and pressed the security alarm. Within seconds, all the doors and windows of Est Montaigne were sealed shut. The entire safe house had become like a metal box.

Shooting Donald a death glare, Tevin stated, “I don’t care who you are. If you dare cause trouble in Est Montaigne, then you shall not leave here alive!”

“What a coincidence, because I have the same notion,” remarked Donald casually. “Everyone in this safe house today shall die.”

At his words, strong glass walls shot up from all four sides of Tevin, encasing him within.

The glass walls were so sturdy that they could withstand the bullets of a machine gun, even if they were fired in close proximity. Therefore, Tevin believed he was perfectly safe within the glass box.

Just as Tevin took out his phone and was about to call Sivert, Donald raised the black umbrella in his hand and gave the glass a forceful tap.

The dull thump startled Tevin, but he quickly relaxed as a mocking smirk appeared on his face. Is this man a fool? This glass can’t even be broken by a machine gun. Did he really think he can scare me with an umbrella?

“Hello?” Sivert’s disgruntled voice came from the other end of the line. “Mr. Sivert, someone is challenging the safe house to a duel. Please come as soon as possible.”

“Aren’t Wayne and William there?” “They’re dead. He killed them in one move.” “In one move?” Sivert immediately sat up straight and frowned.

Even though Wayne and William were only Quattuor Stella Warriors, as twins, they had impeccable teamwork. If they joined forces, they could even fight a Hexa Stella Warrior.

The fact that Tevin mentioned the twins were killed with one blow proved that their attacker was at least one rank above a Hexa Stella Warrior. “Interesting.” Sivert was immediately intrigued by the troublemaker.

On a normal day, it would be very difficult to find an elite in Pollerton. Yet, at that moment, a powerful one showed up. Sivert decided to take up the challenge.

“Wait for me at the reception. I’ll head there immediately.” The moment Sivert finished his sentence, the sound of something breaking sounded from Tevin’s end, followed by a high-pitched scream.

“What was that? Talk to me!” The call was quickly cut off after that. Sivert stared at the phone in his hand, eyes widening in disbelief.

Sivert was familiar with the security system of Est Montaigne. He knew the durability of the glass wall at the reception.

The sound of something breaking just now… It couldn’t have been the glass wall, could it? If it really was the glass wall, the troublemaker might at least be an Octo Stella Warrior.

Sivert no longer dared to waste any more time. Picking up the spear hanging on the wall, he rushed toward the reception with a dark expression.

In the meantime, not only had Donald broken the glass protection as though it was nothing, but he had rested the tip of the umbrella in his hand on Tevin’s right thigh.

“Where is Oscar Freedman?”

“I will not—”


Without a hint of hesitation, Donald pierced the pointed end of the umbrella through Tevin’s thigh. Fresh blood started gushing out of the hole.

“Before your savior arrives, I have at least twenty ways in mind to torture you, so much so that you would prefer to die. Would you like to have a taste?”

Mr. Sivert’s room is only a few hundred meters away from the reception. I just need to stall a little while longer.

Just as the thought emerged in Tevin’s mind, the hole in his thigh felt numb before a shooting pain flared up.

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