Son In Law Madness Chapter 520

Chapter 520 The Calm Before The Storm

In the present society, the safe house became a booming business and became a private clubhouse. There were more than a hundred branches all over the world. “Jennifer isn’t here yet?” asked Oscar.

“She’s already in the underground parking and will be in this room in five minutes. All traces of her tracks had been wiped by Youngblood Group. Safety is guaranteed.” Oscar took a sip of his red wine and sat upright to straighten his clothing. “Are Tyrone and his gang here yet?”

A man hiding in the shadows behind his back spoke up. “Almost.” Outside Est Montaigne, Rosie raised her head to gaze at the private clubhouse and its glamorous design before sighing and entering it in a rush.

At the reception, a handsome young man dressed in a suit was standing behind the counter. A pair of glasses with golden frames hung on his nose.

It was Tevin Youngblood—person-in-charge of Est Montaigne and a direct descendant of Youngblood Group. “Please show your membership ID,” Tevin said with a smile.

Rosie took out her phone to show the membership ID while Braxton interrupted from beside her, “I’d like to use Heavenly Private Room. Please arrange it for me.” “I’m very sorry, Mr. Irving. Heavenly Private Room is occupied.” “It’s occupied?”

Braxton was stunned for a moment. Who would need more protection than me?

Braxton had voluntarily gotten close to Jennifer to kill three birds with one stone. Now that Tyrone had exposed that news, it meant Braxton’s evil intentions were unveiled as well.

It did not matter who had Jennifer’s back. Braxton would immediately be the first suspect. To avoid being targeted, he had planned to seek shelter in the safe house.

Hence, he could not believe his ears when Tevin told him that Heavenly Private Room had been occupied. “Mr. Irving, how about I assign you Nirvana Private Room—the second-best room in Est Montaigne?”

“Give me a moment to think about it.” Braxton was not a fool. By then, he had noticed something amiss. After a moment of hesitation, he turned to Tevin. “I’m not going to stay here.”

“Huh?” Tevin was slightly taken aback. Someone who rushed into Est Montaigne as if their tails were on fire and asked to use Heavenly Private Room would surely have encountered some serious trouble.

It was the first time Tevin had met someone who refused to stay in the safe house even after they had scanned and verified their membership ID. “Quick, Rosie. We have to get out of here fast!”

Catching on to Braxton’s train of thought, Rosie complied as the two left hastily. The moment they stepped into the car and drove off, Donald showed up behind them, dressed in traditional clothing.

Seeing that another guest had arrived, Tevin immediately greeted Donald with a polite smile, “Welcome to Est Montaigne. Please show your membership ID.” “I’m here for Oscar Freedman.”

Donald’s words made Tevin’s smile stiffen. “I’m sorry, sir, but we don’t provide such services here. If the person you’ve mentioned is your friend, you can call him.” “Let me repeat myself. I’m here for Oscar Freedman. Which room is he staying in?”

Jennifer had been abducted way too many times. Donald had lost his patience. The smile on Tevin’s face disappeared when he saw that Donald was not cooperating. His expression became cold in an instant.

“Looks like you’re not a member of Est Montaigne. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be unaware of our rules. Since you’re not a member, kindly leave the compound. If not, don’t blame me if things get violent.”

Tevin then clapped his hands. Immediately, two young men in the hall stood up from their seats. The men’s auras revealed that they were probably Quattuor Stella Warriors.

If they were anywhere else, Quattuor Stella Warriors would at least be someone of importance. However, in Est Montaigne, they could only be security. “Sir, you better not cause any trouble here—”

Just as one of the men stretched out his hand to pat Donald’s shoulder, the latter suddenly swung the umbrella in his hand backward.

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