Son In Law Madness Chapter 519

Chapter 519 Security

There were more than a hundred rooms there in total. The internal design was like a maze with corners and turns everywhere. Word even had it that the place was infiltrated by armed soldiers.

Besides Tevin Youngblood, the general manager, there was someone else watching over the place—Sivert from Youngblood Group. His power level was only a little bit lower than Nathan’s, and he was close to becoming a Novem Stella Warrior.

If the image of the Freedman clan was the mausoleum, then every single high-end clubhouse and safe house would be the image of Youngblood Group. Who would dare to stir up trouble?

If any brave souls dared to cause trouble at that place, Tevin would personally take care of them. If he failed to do so, the people guarding the place would deal with the troublemakers.

If they failed as well, then the regional guards would come forward. If the regional guards also failed, then guards of higher ranks would deal with them.

One by one, those who come forward to fight were more powerful than the ones before. If all the guards could not take down the troublemakers, then Youngblood Group would take matters into their own hands. Who could defeat Youngblood Group?

It was common knowledge that Youngblood Group had numerous terrifying Novem Stella Warriors and uncountable powerful elites. The Youngblood family was also a prestigious family with the most elites worldwide, as well as elites of the divine stage to ever exist.

In this world, the powerful and the strong would be the ones whom people respected. Only with power and strength would one have authority.

Meanwhile, in the clubhouse, before Oscar could meet Jennifer, he received a call from the Freedman clan. “Tyrone is truly terrifying. The moment he announced the news, all the Ten Prestigious Families acted immediately. They’ve all gathered in Est Montaigne!”

“D*mn.” Oscar was dumbstruck by Tyrone’s extravagant act. “He sure is desperate.” After a moment of pondering, he picked up the landline telephone and dialed a number. “Tevin, I request to use Heavenly Private Room.”

“All right.” Tevin’s voice sounded from the other end of the line.

Heavenly Private Room was rarely used. It might be used only once within years, or even decades, but if it was used, the client would have to pay a fee of at least fifty million.

What did using the room signify?

The client’s details would be a top secret, and the guards would immediately be sent out to protect the client. All the armed forces would be on duty, surveilling the room twenty-four hours a day.

Would Tevin be brave enough to disclose any information?

Of course not!

That was a rule set by Youngblood Group. Who would still trust in the security of the safe house if the rules were to be broken?

If Tevin were to reveal anything, he would be facing the music from Youngblood Group itself.

Maintaining the privacy and safety of the client had been the first rule of Youngblood Group in all the years they had operated the private clubhouses and safe houses. Because the company had kept the bottom line, it continued to be the best out of the best.

Youngblood Group would not tarnish its own reputation.

All the people in charge of the private clubhouses and the safe houses were direct descendants of the Youngblood family. They were all talented and intelligent with undying loyalty to Youngblood Group.

“I assume you have long predicted that Tyrone would be desperate, which is why you decided to enter Est Montaigne, right?” a man asked from behind Oscar.

The man was Oscar’s bodyguard, and he was strong.

“Yep. The situation in Pollerton is complicated. You can trust no one in the prestigious families. They might be smiling and friendly in your face but stabbing you behind your back. A safe house is the best option.” Oscar had entered Heavenly Private Room and was lounging lazily on the couch.

The room was more than three hundred square feet and was fully furnished. The facilities inside included a pool, a couch, a private cinema, and a private karaoke room, just to name a few. There was everything one could wish for.

There were even models if one requested them.

The models would be brought in wearing a hood and a blindfold, and on the next day, they would be thrown out.

“I have to admit, the ancestor of the Youngblood family who came up with the idea of operating safe houses is a genius,” commented Oscar.

No one in the entire world would be able to operate safe houses successfully, nor would anyone even think about opening one. However, Youngblood Group had come up with that idea seven hundred years ago.

During the middle ages, the safe house had been operated as an inn and a brothel. The safe house was established in the nineties, and it was considered a safe haven in times of war.

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