Son In Law Madness Chapter 518

Chapter 518 Ten Billion

Tyrone’s expression turned cold. “Where is it? Burn the place to the ground!” Xylus went silent for a moment. Then, he responded bitterly, “I can’t, because the caller is in Est Montaigne!”

Tyrone was taken aback. He quickly stood up and kicked the table in front of him. “He’s gone too far! Too far!”

He knew the sort of place Est Montaigne was. Their members’ information was kept confidential, and their security was impregnable. Also, their manager was utterly terrifying.

Tyrone clenched his fist so hard that his fingernails almost penetrated his flesh, and his face was full of rage. Jennifer was his only hope of surviving, and someone was taking his hope away at that moment.

“Xylus, tell me, who do you think it is?” Tyrone asked. Xylus said sternly, “I’ve heard that Braxton is an insatiable greedy man. There’s a chance that he might be behind this. Also, there’s Oscar!”

“The situation in Pollerton is too chaotic recently. It could be anyone, but I think Braxton, Oscar, and Gibbons are the most suspicious!” Tyrone exclaimed. “So what now?” Xylus asked.

Tyrone paced around with his hands behind his back in silence. After a long period of silence, Tyrone finally spoke. “How about this? Let’s stir up a commotion!” “What do you mean?” Xylus was confused.

“Announce that Jennifer has been kidnapped and was taken to Est Montaigne. That’s the signature place of Youngblood Group. Mention that Jennifer is my hope to live on. Whoever rescues Jennifer will be given the eastern production line and my sixteen offshore bank accounts with a total value of ten billion!” Tyrone exclaimed with conviction.

Xylus was shocked. He was panicking deep inside.

Tyrone is crazy! If things go south, he will end up in a desperate situation. However, if he is successful, he can discover the culprit and have the heirs of other prestigious families help hunt down the culprit. Even Youngblood Group will secretly make a move. With assets worth ten billion, even the heirs of a prestigious family will be tempted. In fact, none of them are ordinary people. Tyrone has taken the offensive!

“I’m on it!” Xylus exclaimed.

Since the rumor that Jennifer was Tyrone’s hope to live had already been circulating, there was no longer the need to hide it. Instead, it was better to share the information.

Braxton was enjoying his time with some young models when he received the news. At that moment, the smile on his face gradually vanished, and his expression became vicious.

“Who did it?” Braxton immediately knew that he was about to be involved. Tyrone’s stratagem was ruthless, directly dragging Braxton into this mess.

Everyone knew that Braxton was the closest to Jennifer at that time and that he was incredibly lecherous. “Where’s Rosie? Find Rosie! I’m going to the safe house!” Braxton couldn’t sit still anymore.

If he could enter Est Montaigne, he could prove his innocence.

When Kyler received the news, he was shocked. Then, he burst out in laughter. “Interesting. Tyrone is just too ruthless. He even started with his trump card. What an impressive stratagem! Honestly, ten billion worth of assets is very tempting!”

Soon, even the heirs of the Yeager family and the Humboldt family were shocked when they heard the news. They were all members of Est Montaigne, and they were high-level members with access to enter the safe house.

The manager of Est Montaigne was a young man from Youngblood Group. He wasn’t cut out for the martial arts of the Youngblood family, so he was sent to Pollerton to run and manage the business at Est Montaigne.

Est Montaigne’s grounds spanned across sixty thousand square meters. It was embellished like a palace, but it was a very quiet location. The doors were usually closed, and no one was allowed to enter.

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