Son In Law Madness Chapter 517

Chapter 517 Combat Robe

That was the treatment for first-level members. One could become a ninth-level member if one paid an annual membership fee of a hundred million.

The places where the ninth-level members resided were called safe houses, and Youngblood Group could provide all sorts of protection measures comparable to the president’s security!

It could be said that the Youngblood Group’s safe houses were renowned all over the world. It was also a forbidden place for countless mercenaries. “Is Est Montaigne a safe house?” Donald asked indifferently.

“No. But it’s close to one. Oscar is an eighth-level member. As soon as he enters Est Montaigne, the number of people who dares to lay a finger on him in the country is no more than thirty! It’s absolutely safe!” Sebastian said.

“Then I’ll make it unsafe!” Donald narrowed his eyes. After hanging up the phone and thinking for a long while, he called Bradley. “Bradley, fetch me my traditional clothes.”

Bradley was stunned for a long time before finally responding, “Roger!” Donald had a total of nine identities. Golden Lord was the first, and the chief of Azuro was the second. His combat robe was a set of traditional clothes, a black umbrella, and a bowler.

Hidden in the black umbrella was the Stygianite Dragon Sword Breaker forged in Mount Konlange. It was made from stygianite, a metal known to have the world’s most incredible lethality.

The three greatest metals of the universe consisted of adamantium, with extreme defensive properties, the heaviest metal called jurganite, and stygianite, the metal that could produce the sharpest edge.

In just ten minutes, an ordinary-looking truck stopped outside Bow Street, and Donald walked into the cabin.

As soon as he entered, Bradley was down on his knees with a set of traditional clothes, a black bowler, and a glossy black umbrella behind him.

The combined umbrella’s ribs and the handle were the world-renowned supreme weapon, the Stygianite Dragon Sword Breaker.

Donald slowly changed into his clothes, which fitted him very well, put on the hat, and walked out of the cabin elegantly with the umbrella in his hand. “Tell Tristan he can come back to Pollerton!”

Bradley became excited. On a battleship overseas, a young man was looking into the ocean’s distance when his phone suddenly rang. “Lord Campbell wants me to return to Pollerton!” The young man became excited. “Eight Tribes of Azuro, follow me to Pollerton!”

Behind him, eight men in traditional black clothes and hats, whose faces could not be seen clearly, stepped forward at once.

Bradley informed through a message: Est Montaigne is known as the safest place in Pollerton. The manager is Sivert from Youngblood Group, a retired Novem Stella Warrior, wildest of the wild! Also, the Youngblood Group likely took over the circus that disappeared more than a decade ago. Lord Campbell, although Est Montaigne is not a safe house, it is the signature of Youngblood Group. Once you attack Youngblood Group’s club, it will cause the reputation of Youngblood Group to drop significantly and even cause their stock prices to plummet. The dignity of Youngblood Group is essential!

Donald didn’t respond to him. On Bow Street, many pedestrians were attracted by the man dressed in traditional clothes, with a black umbrella in his hand and a black hat on his head. His face was obscured by the shadow of his hat and couldn’t be seen clearly.

However, his aura was so exceptional that he didn’t seem like an ordinary man. His destination was Est Montaigne. At about the same time, Tyrone and Braxton each received a call.

“Tyrone, I have Jennifer. If you want her to live, hand over sixteen of your offshore bank accounts.” Tyrone heard an indifferent voice on the phone. He was stunned for a moment. “Who is this?”

“It doesn’t matter who I am. I know Jennifer can save your life. I want to see your account in Ceylon Bank changed to an unowned account within three hours.” Ceylan Bank was a bank in the black market, and the information of their transactors was kept entirely confidential.

The veins in Tyrone’s hand holding the phone expanded. Three minutes later, Xylus said, “I found it. I’ve pinpointed the caller’s location.”

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