Son In Law Madness Chapter 516

Chapter 516 Kidnapping

The desires in her heart became increasingly hard to control. In fact, she was very afraid of Donald leaving her. Donald replied with a WhatsApp message: Right away. A sweet smile formed on Jennifer’s face. “That’s more like it.”

Although Donald isn’t a romantic, he always has a place for me in his heart. A coquettish b*tch like Lana is no match for me. Jennifer felt contented as she thought to herself. While she was deep in her imagination, a woman approached her quietly from behind and lightly patted her shoulder.

Suddenly, Jennifer felt light-headed. Her consciousness was gradually overwhelmed by darkness. Then, like a zombie, she quickly followed the mysterious woman and left the scene. The woman took out her phone and sent a voice message. “Mr. Freedman, mission accomplished.”

In a private club, Oscar was having the time of his life. More than twenty delectable delicacies were served on the table, and several figures were hiding in the shadows behind him, ensuring his safety.

They were the warriors of the Freedman clan. Opposite of him stood Sebastian with a terrified expression. “Oscar, I advise you not to kidnap Jennifer. It will bring a massive disaster to the Freedman clan!”

The noises of munching resounded from time to time. It was the sound of Oscar chewing. Without raising his head, he grabbed a piece of pork meat and took a bite. “As a person, I like good food and good women. What I dislike the most are people like you.”

Oscar’s words bear a lot of weight. With one sentence alone, he could take away Sebastian’s future because he was the first in line to the Freedman Clan.

“By winning Jennifer over, I can extort Tyrone for a considerable sum of money. At the same time, I can also repulse Braxton and Donald. That’s three birds with one stone. You still have much to learn.”

He took a moment to chew on his food and continued, “As for your claim that the Freedman Clan will be facing a huge disaster, I think you’re just trying to scare me. Even the Sanchez family dare not utter such insolence! Also, about your betrayal at the Economic Work Conference and supporting Donald publicly, please give me an explanation!”

Sebastian was rendered speechless for a moment. Eventually, he raised his head and muttered, “Donald… He…”

Before he could finish his words, Oscar’s phone rang, and a voice was heard. “Mr. Freedman, mission accomplished.”

This is bad… Sebastian shuddered as he felt a sudden chill all over his body. “Bring Jennifer to me.” Oscar wiped his mouth. “I’ll devour her today.”

Sebastian was about to have goosebumps all over his body. He could already imagine Donald in a rage. If Lord Campbell gets angry, blood will be spilled. The Freedman Clan can’t handle Donald at all when he’s mad!

“I’ll take my leave,” Sebastian said. “What? Are you going to tipoff Donald?” Oscar asked emotionlessly with a cold glint in his eyes.

Sebastian turned around and replied, “Oscar, it’d be better to give up and apologize to Donald. Otherwise, you will drag the entire Freedman clan into your mess!”

Oscar laughed loudly. “Making jokes won’t do you any good.” Sebastian gave him a cold stare and left without saying a word.

Donald rushed to Bow Street. With his ability, he glanced around and realized that Jennifer wasn’t at the location. However, he could feel Jennifer’s lingering presence which proved that she was there.

He furrowed his brows and picked up the scent of ether in the air. It was the smell of a strong hallucinogen. When he was about to find out Jennifer’s location, his phone suddenly rang. It was a phone call from Sebastian.

“Mr. Campbell, Oscar kidnapped Jennifer. They are taking her to Est Montaigne, a property of the Youngblood Group. Please be careful!” Sebastian warned cautiously.

The Youngblood Group was powerful. It had businesses across the globe, mainly high-end membership-based private clubs, and the annual membership fee cost more than five million per person.

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