Son In Law Madness Chapter 515

Chapter 515 Promise

Donald said indifferently, “What a bunch of disgraceful clowns.” His expression was indifferent, and his eyes looked vicious. If worse came to worst, he would just kill them. He wouldn’t care if he wiped them out.

“What is the source of your power?” Raymond suddenly asked. Donald glanced at Raymond and went silent for a moment.

A master of the Mythical Realm must be an originator of martial arts. Take the Youngblood family as an example, which manufactures adamantium. Combined with the Youngblood family’s martial arts, it has transformed into a unique way of cultivation.

“Aether.” Donald broke the silence. Raymond narrowed his eyes. He knew about Aether. It was known as the strongest substance in the universe. A drop of Aether could destroy almost everything.

“Is it formidable against the masters of the Youngblood family?” Raymond asked. “I wouldn’t know before I fight them. However, I will have to fight the masters of the Youngblood family sooner or later,” Donald responded.

“There’s news of Victor coming out of solitary training, and the first thing he will do is propose to your mother before killing your father!” Raymond warned.

“I’m aware.” Donald nodded. Apart from Chiliad Avion, there was no better intelligence network than Donald’s. “So what are your plans?” Raymond inquired.

“Kill.” Donald answered emotionlessly. Raymond suddenly felt a chill down his spine and shuddered.

“As for my mother, I will visit her in the next few days to ask her about her thoughts. If she’s willing to return to Pollerton with me, Irving Group won’t be able to stop me. If she doesn’t want to return to Pollerton, I won’t mind burning the entire Irving Group to ashes. As for Lord Victor and the triplets of the Youngblood Group, I’ll kill every single one of them. Not even Vincent can stop me,” Donald said harshly.

Raymond fell into silence. “There’s a sense of malice coming out of you,” Raymond said. Donald shook his head.

“You shouldn’t give up on Jennifer after all. She affects you greatly and can help you become a True Dragon,” Raymond said earnestly. “Promise me, don’t act according to your temperament, and take the initiative to approach her. She’s a woman. You just need to coax her more. It’s not that big of a problem, right?”

“My temper has always been the same. If I were in Quadfield, I would have killed each and every one of Jennifer’s family members,” Donald responded.

Raymond smiled wryly, then looked straight at Donald. “Promise me. Talk to her more. Go meet her today.” Donald was rendered speechless.

“I’m already over eighty years old. I don’t have much longer to live, so I want to see you marry Jennifer when I’m still alive.” Raymond sighed heavily.

This is guilt-tripping! You’re guilt-tripping me! Nonetheless, Donald also felt a sense of sorrow when he heard Raymond’s words.

That’s right. Raymond is already over eighty years old and doesn’t have much longer to live. Even if I am a legendary warrior, I can’t keep him alive for that long.

“Fine. I promise,” Donald agreed. “Go. I’ll be leaving too,” Raymond said. Donald stood up and walked out while taking out his phone to call Jennifer.

The call connected, and Jennifer’s cold voice was heard from the other end of the phone. “What is it?”

For a moment, Donald was at a loss for words. “If you’re not going to speak, then I’m hanging up,” Jennifer said. “Where are you?” Donald broke the silence and asked.

“Bow Street,” Jennifer replied. “Wait for me.” Donald immediately hung up the phone. At Bow Street, Jennifer looked confusingly at her phone. Why can’t I reject his demands even after I have made up my mind to let go of Donald?

She sighed softly and ruffled her hair in distress. Then, she sent a message to Donald: Donald, you punk. Come pick me up!

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