Son In Law Madness Chapter 514

Chapter 514 Victor

What’s Donald’s secret? How is he attracting all these women? Melanie chuckled. “What do you mean by I’m taking your man away from you? Donald and I are both single.”

Lana pouted in disdain. “No means no. If you’re going, then we’re going together.” “That’s right!” Wynter stood up as well.

They seemed to have presented a united front. “Me too.” Reina also stood up. Holton gave Arnaldo a thumbs up. “If you wondered what professionalism is, this is it.”

Charles, Zayne, and the others were utterly impressed. “Fine. Let’s go together.” Melanie couldn’t care less. It wasn’t easy to get close to Donald. One would never know the obstacles to being able to do so.

“You just want to be the wife of Lord Campbell, but you don’t mind who Lord Campbell is, right?” Donald moved closer to Melanie’s ear and whispered.

Melanie’s eyes widened. Her heart began to pound. Her mind was overwhelmed by emotions. Lord Campbell! Is he saying he’s Lord Campbell?

When she was about to ask, Donald had already walked far away. At noon, in a private hall, Rosie, Tyrone, Oscar, Noah’s lackey, and Gibbons, sat at a table.

They all had grim expressions on their faces. They planned to sanction Donald, but the Sanchez family butted in and caught them off guard. “What are we going to do now? Please come up with an idea,” Tyrone said.

Oscar replied, “Donald has always been a nobody. Even if he successfully constructed the Dragon Fide Villa, he would still be a piece of trash. Why do you care so much?”

Tyrone’s face began to fill with rage. “I want him to die!”

Braxton spoke gravely. “Strictly speaking, he’s still my cousin. His mother is also my aunt. Back then, his mother eloped with his father because the Irving family disagreed with their marriage. So the Irving family tried finding ways to kill that b*stard!”

“Is Laura Irving his mother?” Tyrone seemed to have suddenly remembered something. “Yes. She was initially engaged to Lord Victor,” Braxton replied. Everyone was shocked for a moment. Then, a mischievous look appeared on their faces.

Who exactly is Lord Victor? Victor Youngblood, the secretary of Youngblood Group, the biological younger brother of Vincent, and the Novem Stella Warrior twenty years ago. I wonder what his status is now.

Victor was infatuated with Laura and remained unmarried to this day. After Laura secretly married Donald’s father, Victor went into solitude to train in martial arts.

“I heard Victor is about to come out from his solitary training. Wouldn’t it be interesting if we told him the news of this b*stard?” Oscar asked with a smirk.

Tyrone narrowed his eyes. Although Victor was in love with Laura, he was also a madman. Hardly anyone would dare to provoke him. “So, who’s going to tell the Youngblood family about this?” Tyrone asked.

Braxton stood up. “I’ll do it. Laura is now confined in the Irving residence, and Victor hasn’t given up on marrying her. Haha. This is going to get interesting.”

“Then it’s settled.” Tyrone got up from his seat and left the room. Oscar watched as he left and smirked. Then, he turned toward Braxton. “The woman that was next to you looks enticing.”

He was referring to Jennifer. Braxton replied, “I haven’t subdued her yet. I’ll need a few days.”

“Let me have a taste too.” Oscar chuckled. Braxton shot him a look and said, “I advise you not to have any ideas. Tyrone will kill you.”

Later that day, Donald didn’t join Melanie and the others for dinner. Instead, he went to the conference room with Raymond. “The plan for Dragon Fide Villa is about to begin. You’ll be facing more obstacles from now on,” Raymond said.

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