Son In Law Madness Chapter 513

Chapter 513 Jealousy

When she heard about the news from her grandfather, she was also shocked and became even more curious about Donald’s identity. It’s been a long time since Mr. Solomon Sanchez made a move. I never expected him to give Donald such a great gift right away! It’s a free-trade zone!

Tyrone could feel his strength running out. He pressed his chest and sat back on his seat. Braxton’s expression was even more terrifying. He looked as glum as an oyster.

Then, he turned his gaze toward Donald. Donald looked arrogant as if he was looking down on everyone else. “Also…” Melanie continued.

The atmosphere immediately fell into silence. “The Sanchez family has decided to provide a hundred billion as financial support to Old Mr. Campbell!”

Nobody made a sound. Among the Ten Prestigious Families, many of them closed their eyes. The Dragon Fide Villa had come to shape.

The Ten Prestigious Families wouldn’t be able to stop the Dragon Fide Villa even if they joined forces!

“Apologies. It seems that we’ve come out on top!” Donald slowly stood up and glanced at everyone domineeringly. He exposed his arrogance for the first time.

“Be haughty all you want!” Tyrone opened his eyes and said indifferently. Braxton also stared at Donald with a gloomy expression.

Jennifer widened her eyes and looked at Donald in shock. Most of the Ten Prestigious Families were against Donald. Yet, the tables had turned.

At this moment, Donald seemed to be the winner. Jennifer began to wonder. Since when did he get this far?

Almost everyone stared at Donald while deep in their thoughts. Suddenly, the sound of footsteps interrupted everyone’s thoughts.

Then, everyone saw an elderly man, who seemed to be in his eighties, slowly walking in with a cane in formalwear. It was Raymond, Donald’s grandfather.

The founder of Dragon Fide Villa back then. “Give Mr. Sanchez my thanks,” Raymond said to Melanie as soon as he entered.

Melanie stood up and replied respectfully, “Yes, I will definitely relay it to him.” A murderous intent shone in Tyrone’s eyes again.

A fraud who did fortune-telling, conducted geomancy, and chose Mr. Sanchez’s grave for him actually got the latter’s support! How ironic!

“Okay. Meeting adjourned!” Melanie announced. However, nobody left. They were all processing everything that happened that day.

Everything that happened wasn’t what they wanted to happen. Their initial intention was to get one or two projects from Lord Campbell. They didn’t expect the focus to shift to Dragon Fide Villa.

Melanie walked off the stage and approached Donald, attracting the attention of many. Lana and the others looked at Melanie with hostility.

They considered her as a formidable rival. “Let’s have dinner together,” Melanie said with a smile.

Braxton narrowed his eyes. Melanie was the chosen woman of Irving Group and the supposed fiancée of Atticus, and now she’s inviting Donald to dinner?

Jennifer’s eyes widened as she realized Melanie was the woman who stood under the street light in front of Donald two nights ago.

Donald was surprised for a moment. Then, he nodded. “Sure.”

“Just the two of us.” Melanie winked.

“No way!” Lana, Wynter, Reina, and the others spoke at the same time.

They were all jealous and envious of her.

Lana lazily stretched and said, “That’s not fair. How dare you take him away from me. I was here first.”


Everyone was stunned.

They looked around Donald and noticed that the women around him were outstanding people.

There was the adorable Reina, the flamboyant Lana, the elegant Wynter, the sophisticated Hannah, and the curvaceous Eleanor.

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