Son In Law Madness Chapter 512

Chapter 512 The Decision Is Final

Hannah hailed from a military family that had produced three generals. At the age of twenty-nine, she was already a medical professor. With an icy expression, she walked straight to Donald while giving Tyrone and his men the cold shoulder. She then handed about ten cards to Donald. “Here.”

Donald stared at her. Hannah continued, “Take them.” “Stay out of it,” Donald uttered. Hannah said, “I’m not afraid of them.” “What a foolish girl.” Donald’s expression softened.

The grim-faced Hannah responded with a faint smile. “Just don’t die.” Suddenly, Oscar from Freedman Group started clapping his hands while standing up.

Sebastian’s eyes began to twitch, and his heart started racing. He hoped Donald could take Oscar down, but at the same time, he was also afraid Donald might go overboard and exterminate the Freedman clan.

“I’d heard about you, Donald. You’ve grown to become more capable than I thought.” Oscar stared at Donald condescendingly. Ernest, who was standing behind Oscar, gave Donald a murderous glare.

Donald smirked and responded, “So, is Freedman Group going to support or oppose me?” Oscar let out a mirthless laugh. “Me? I’ll oppose you from resuming the Dragon Fide Project for sure!”

Donald’s gaze darkened. “All right then.” When Donald was about to get off his seat, Sebastian instantly stood up as he had an ominous feeling. “I, Sebastian Freedman, am willing to fork out three hundred million in my own capacity to start the Dragon Fide project!”

His pledge instantly caused a commotion. Melanie froze for a moment before saying, “Based on my Grandpa’s agreement with all the members, we decided to exercise the La Tercera Order!” Everyone was stunned upon hearing that. La Tercera Order?

In a serious voice, Melanie explained, “According to the research findings, a pilot free-trade zone will be established in Dragon Fide Villa in a month. This is the approval letter!”

She projected the letter with more than ten approval stamps on the screen.

All the approval stamps came from departments that were powerful enough to influence national policies. Every decision these departments made could affect the livelihood of millions and billions of citizens!

Yet, these departments unanimously granted the approval of the pilot free-trade zone in Dragon Fide Villa!

“The pilot free-trade zone in Dragon Fide Villa will focus on shipping service, international e-commerce, and quantum science and technology. We want the zone to cater to the needs of the emerging industries of strategic importance!” Melanie explained.

In the free-trade zone, members of the Nations’ Union would abolish tariffs and lift trade barriers, encouraging members to trade more efficiently. In other words, all the imported goods would be duty-free!

This meant that anyone could save up to thirty percent of the original price if they purchased those goods in the free-trade zone!

For instance, a Mercedes-Benz S600 would cost one million overseas. The price of the vehicle would double after tax once it was imported into the country.

However, a potential buyer could still purchase the car at just one million in the free-trade zone! Everyone’s eyes widened in disbelief except for Donald’s.

The idea of turning Dragon Fide Villa into a cemetery and a nuclear test site instantly became insignificant since it would soon become a free-trade zone!

The announcement came like a bolt from the blue. No one expected the Sanchez family, which had been lying low, to make such a drastic move. Donald still remained unperturbed by the announcement.

All the leaders of giant corporations started gasping as they began to see the business opportunities they could benefit from the project.

Once the free-trade zone was established, Dragon Fide Villa would surely become the center of the country’s attention. Given time, it would become as successful as Jadeborough. These developments would all be within Donald’s control!

“The plan to set up the free-trade zone has been set in stone. Complain all you want, but the decision is final!” Malanie glared at Tyrone, Braxton, and their supporters. She took a sidelong glance at all the men and gave them a no-nonsense look.

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