Son In Law Madness Chapter 511

Chapter 511 Why Did They Support An Outcast

A man with an energetic voice uttered, “Holton Danvers from Terrandya Provincial Center will allocate ten billion for the Dragon Fide Villa construction project!”

A handsome man and an alluring woman walked in. They were none other than one of the Lords of Underground from Terrandya Provincial Center—Holton and Yolanda!

Tyrone instantly felt a pain in his chest. The representative from Youngblood Group warned, “Holton Danvers, you think you have the courage to go against us?”

Holton grinned in response. “I’m afraid I don’t.” Yet, he did not exhibit any sign of fear in his expression. Holton approached Donald and greeted him with a bow, “Mr. Campbell.”

Others might not know how terrifying Donald was, but he certainly did! When Yolanda nearly died in the hands of Silas’ men, Donald rescued her from the verge of death and helped her in her breakthrough to become a Septet Stella Warrior.

After the incident, Yolanda analyzed the situation and told Holton a shocking truth—Donald must be a Mythical Realm warrior! Every legendary warrior of the Mythical Realm was a revolutionary one!

Among the Mythical Realm warriors were Odysseus from two millennia ago and Martin Bellamy from five centuries ago, not forgetting Donald Campbell in modern times!

A middle-aged man came in. “I, Arnaldo Wilson from Terrandya Provincial Center, will contribute thirty billion to the Dragon Fide Villa construction!”

The man was none other than Reina’s biological father, Arnaldo. He was also one of the Lords of Underground in Terrandya. The crowd there began to sense something was amiss. Why would so many people pledge their support to an outcast of the Campbell clan?

They wondered if these people supported Donald because of Raymond or if they were really Donald’s connections.

“Interesting. How Interesting!” Tyrone gave people who stood behind Donald an icy, murderous stare. “From now on, the Campbell clan will mark Donald Campbell’s supports as our rivals!”

“The Winston family will support the Campbell clan!” “We, the Yeagers, will stand by the Campbell clan!”

“Youngblood Group, too, will support the Campbell clan!” “We, the Humboldt family, will remain loyal to the Campbell clan!”

“Noah International Group will always have the Campbell clan’s back!” The five prestigious families and the multinational conglomerate had decided to take Donald down.

Even the most powerful Youngblood family had to think carefully before pledging its allegiance to the Campbell clan. Vincent, the Martial God from Youngblood Group, was extremely powerful, yet no one knew his rank or his actual capability as he was a mysterious figure.

Rumors had it that the Martial God from the Youngblood family was one of the top ten warriors in Yorksland. Some even said he was more powerful than Donald and was capable of advancing to the Mythical Realm!

That was because Vincent had created a sect where he developed a technology to incorporate indestructible metal called adamantium into ancient martial arts.

Unlike jurganite, adamantium was identified as the most powerful superalloy.

While Jurganite had a high density and was used for defense during battle, adamantium was in a liquid state and had the world’s greatest penetrating power. It would even exhibit shape-shifting properties when exposed to brain waves.

Three decades ago, Vincent had incorporated adamantium into the Youngblood family’s martial arts. He was able to inject adamantium into the body and circulate the superalloy throughout the body using the family’s unique breathing technique.

The adamantium flowing in the bloodstream could then transform into a sword with sharp edges! Youngblood Group would have bought adamantium for all its people and turned them into Novem Stella Warriors had it not been costly.

Despite having a powerful Martial God in the family, the Youngbloods were still exceptionally cautious in dealing with this sticky situation. Melanie, who had been quietly observing both parties, still continued to keep mum.

“Hannah from the Nixon family will pledge one billion to help Donald kickstart the Dragon Fide project!” A woman dressed in a traditional gown came over.

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