Son In Law Madness Chapter 510

Chapter 510 Support Poured In

They were still short of two hundred billion to complete the Dragon Fide Villa project. That was a vast sum of money.

Back then, Raymond kickstarted the Dragon Fide Villa project with his own might after securing investments from more than seven hundred giant corporations.

Unfortunately, all these corporations had to withdraw from the project after receiving threats from the Campbell clan. Raymond had no choice but to abandon the project halfway through since he no longer had financial support.

This incident almost caused a furor at that time. “I, Reina Wilson, am willing to fork out eight hundred million to help Donald restart the construction of Dragon Fide Villa!” Another person entered through the door.

The petite Reina walked in and sat next to Donald on his left. The people from the prestigious families froze for a bit. Their expression turned grim as Reina’s words were a slap across their faces!

“Reina, you have a lot of nerve! You want us to shut down your Scarlet Swan Villa?” Xylus exclaimed. Reina responded with a casual glance, “Go ahead!”

Melanie displayed a look of contemplation while looking at Reina and Wynter, but she still chose to keep mum. “What an eye-opener!” the middle-aged man from the Youngblood family expressed his dismay.

Back then, the Campbell clan had given him some benefits as he assisted them by going to the Sanchez residence and forcing Solomon not to take action.

He had helped the Campbell clan in the past because of the benefits, but he voiced his dissatisfaction now because he felt those people had humiliated the prestigious families!

“It’s like you don’t take us seriously, huh?” Kyler said. “You’re right.” A seductive voice came from outside. Her voice immediately caught the men’s attention.

“I, Lana Collins, am willing to contribute twenty billion to resume the Dragon Fide Villa project!” Lana walked in with a fiery-red dress and a seductive smirk. The crowd was astonished.

The Collins family was no longer as influential as it was. At first, it tried to arrange a marriage of convenience with the Winston family, but Lana refused to cooperate.

By right, Lana should lie low amidst the drama, so why would she go against the prestigious families to support Donald?

Lana walked over, sat by Donald’s table, and winked at him. “Hey, Donald.” The crowd was dumbfounded. Is Lana expressing her feelings for him?

Tyrone’s face darkened. Even Braxton’s expression had turned grim. Donald is just an outcast of the Campbell clan. Even the Irvings refused to take him in. But why do all these women support him?

Jennifer sighed gently as the glint of hope in her eyes dimmed. I guess Donald and I will never be together. Despite knowing Donald was Golden Lord, she felt she could not see through Donald beyond that.

Jennifer began to think Donald had not been totally honest with her. “Thirty billion is not enough!” Tyrone said. “I, Charles Langford, will chip in thirty billion!” An elderly man in a suit walked in.

“I, Zayne Yates, will contribute one billion to the Dragon Fide project!” “I, Tyson Quirk, will fork out one billion to kickstart the Dragon Fide project!”

A few heavyweight figures from Pollerton stepped forth and stood behind Donald. Donald came in without any support but now had at least seven people behind him.

The atmosphere was tense. Tyrone, Braxton, Gibbons, and the others narrowed their eyes while shooting daggers at Donald and his allies. A hard glint flashed across their eyes.

“I’d like to see how many of you dare to challenge me!” Tyrone threatened in an indifferent voice. Right after he made that threat, the sound of footsteps emerged from the door.

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