Son In Law Madness Chapter 509

Chapter 509 Wynter And Donald

With Tyrone taking the lead, five prestigious family heirs immediately rose in unison. On the other hand, many local giants and wealthy businessmen from other provinces all fell silent.

Nobody could see any potential in the Dragon Fide Villa project. The fact that five prestigious families were against the project only made it seem more difficult for Donald to get what he wanted.

“Don’t any of you dare!” The person representing Youngblood Group was a nobody, yet everyone knew better than to underestimate him.

“We, Noah International Group, also disagree with this matter!” voiced Gibbons, stretching lazily. “Whoever dares support the man will be our enemies!”

After that, more and more gazes of pity landed on Donald. Even though Noah International Group was a squeaky-clean company running a legitimate business, Noah the Parasite was its biggest shareholder.

The drug lord of Golden Triangle had a large group of foreign expert killers on his payroll. On top of that, Noah had many private armed forces abroad.

There was mockery in Donald’s eyes as he looked at the crowd, who responded in kind. Suddenly, the atmosphere at the scene intensified.

Melanie said nothing and simply observed everything in silence. Her thick, glossy lips broke into a sneer as she gleefully watched things play out.

At that moment, a graceful and glamorous woman waltzed in from the door. She wore a blue dress that revealed her tender snow-white legs.

Not only did she have the body of a supermodel, but she also had a hairstyle perfect for highlighting her exquisite facial features.

The woman with the face of an angel was Wynter Lowe. The dress she had on was none other than A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

“I, Wynter Lowe, will support Donald with everything I have with a total of six billion and eight hundred million!” announced Wynter as she made her way over to Donald.

The woman had a voice so smooth it was comparable to butter. With her lustrous eyes, Wynter gazed intently at Donald. She seemed to blame the man for the situation, but her sweet smile showed that she still cared very much for him.

It had been a year since Wynter last saw Donald. The woman approached Donald and sat down. “Donald,” called out Wynter as she continued to look at the man.

Everyone widened their eyes in shock, stunned by what they were witnessing. Why would Wynter support Donald? She’s a member of the Lowe family, who still needs Freedman Group to survive! An ordinary prestigious family like the Lowes is no match for any of the Ten Prestigious Families!

“Long time no see,” uttered Donald with a smile while meeting Wynter’s gaze.

“Indeed.” Wynter then leaned in to wrap her arms tightly around Donald’s, unwilling to let him go.

Jennifer’s eyes turned dull when she saw that.

Meanwhile, Kevin found Wynter’s actions hard to believe. This is Wynter Lowe we’re talking about here! How is it that she and Donald know each other? And why would she be willing to bet everything on him?

“Ms. Lowe, does Old Mr. Lowe know what you’re doing?” questioned Braxton, narrowing his eyes at Wynter.

If Melanie were the woman of every man’s dream, Wynter would be the goddess of every man’s fantasy.

“Where’s your family’s mausoleum?” responded Wynter with her head tilted.

Caught off guard, Braxton was stunned before his face hardened. She’s mocking me!

Everyone knew that the Freedman clan’s centuries-old mausoleum got torn down by a mysterious bigshot because Sebastian offended Wynter.

The woman wanted to remind everyone of their powerlessness against the one who tore down the Freedman clan’s mausoleum.

Sebastian stayed silent, but his face was as grim as death.

“Six billion and eight hundred million is still not enough to restart the Dragon Fide Villa project,” stated Tyrone calmly.

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