Son In Law Madness Chapter 508

Chapter 508 Building Sand Castles

Jennifer also put forward her plan, hoping to get involved with the project in Lord Campbell’s Administrative Region.

Eventually, Donald became the only one present who had not spoken yet. Hence, Melanie shifted her attention back to Donald in the end. “Have you prepared a plan, sir?”

At that point, all eyes were on Donald. Standing alone, the man seemed almost helpless. Melanie did not think that was the case, though. On the contrary, Donald seemed as invincible and proud as a deity to her.

“I’m planning to restart… the Dragon Fide Villa project!” answered Donald calmly.

Tyrone’s face instantly hardened when he heard those words. How dare he openly requests to restart that project and puts that matter on the agenda on such an important occasion! He’s obviously trying to humiliate the Campbell clan in public!

Melanie simply gazed at Donald and said nothing. Tyrone’s bodyguard, Xylus, violently slammed his hand down on the table before jumping to his feet. “Nonsense! Who said you could restart the Dragon Fide Villa project?”

Dragon Fide Villa was located in the west of Pollerton. If the two-thousand-foot-tall building had been completed back then, it would have become a landmark as the tallest building in Aploth.

However, the project was forced to come to a halt because of the Campbell clan, making it the largest unfinished building in the country.

That, in turn, caused the entire area to become desolate and the property prices in Pollerton to plummet.

The situation got so bad that nobody dared continue the construction. Despite how difficult the task seemed, Donald was determined to restart the Dragon Fide Villa project.

Xylus turned to look at Melanie after he was done speaking and was encouraged since the woman did not seem upset. “The Campbell clan disagrees!”

“I’m restarting the project anyway,” uttered Donald indifferently. Braxton rose and smiled at Donald. “I disagree too, and I believe that many of the Ten Prestigious Families will do the same.”

With that, the man swept his gaze around before the members of the Ten Prestigious Families stood up to share their thoughts.

“I represent the Winston family, and we disagree!” “I represent the Humboldt family, and we disagree!”

“On behalf of Youngblood Group, I disagree with restarting the Dragon Fide Villa project!” “We, the Yeager family, disagree!”

The crowd looked at Donald with pity because six of the ten families disagreed with the man. Back then, the Campbell clan alone was enough to stop the project.

With six of the Ten Prestigious Families against it, the project seemed as if it was doomed to fail. Even Jennifer gazed at Donald with concern in her eyes.

Kevin could not be happier to see so many opposing Donald. “Take a good look at yourself. What makes you think you can restart the Dragon Fide Villa project? Do you even have the money?” questioned Kevin rhetorically, pointing his finger at Donald.

Suddenly, everyone was reminded that it would cost at least one hundred billion to restart the project. “Donald, we’re not building sand castles here. Do you have the funds required for the project?” inquired Braxton calmly.

Tyrone, too, was glad to see people raining on Donald’s parade. “Open your eyes, Donald. How many do you think would risk offending the Ten Prestigious Families to support you?”

Suddenly, the tables near Donald become empty. Many seated near the man hurriedly moved away in fear of being mistaken by the Ten Prestigious Families for siding with the man.

Somehow, Donald managed to seem even more helpless than before. Jennifer had a deadpan expression on her face as she looked at Donald, wondering what was going through the man’s mind. This can’t be easy for him.

Donald slowly lifted his head before sweeping his gaze around. “So nobody dares support me?”

“That’s right! Nobody’s going to support you today.” Tyrone stood up and looked around with his chest puffed out.

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