Son In Law Madness Chapter 507

Chapter 507 An Administrative Region

“That’s because of Lord Campbell’s land reclamation project. The controlled fusion technology and the extreme insulation material technology shall be developed and produced in Pollerton. Lord Campbell truly is a great man.”

Melanie paused for a while after saying that, and everyone could hear the admiration she had for the man in her tone. Lord Campbell was the man of most women’s dreams, and Melanie was no different.

“I’ll once again make the first order regarding Pollerton!” uttered Melanie before an announcement appeared on the screen behind her. “After thorough research, we’ve decided to divide Pollerton into four administrative regions. The first region will be the area where Lord Campbell Mountain Villa is. Named Lord Campbell’s Administrative Region, it shall focus on developing controlled fusion technology, super renewable energy, quantum information, and financial technology.”

That was order number one, and everyone’s breathing intensified after hearing it. This is the first time the country has named an administrative region after a person. The great honor shows just how much the country values Lord Campbell! That means whoever gets the right to operate in Lord Campbell’s Administrative Region will get a chance to ally with Lord Campbell! Since the place is practically still empty, it’ll be a piece of cake to do so!

“How do we get involved, Ms. Sanchez? Will there be an auction or something?” Tyrone of the Campbell clan stood up and questioned.

Everyone knew the relationship between the Campbell clan and Lord Campbell had already turned sour, so they would have a chance to get involved if the right to operate in Lord Campbell’s Administrative Region was up for auction.

If it were up to Lord Campbell, they would not stand a chance at all. “I don’t have an answer for you right now because that’s up to Lord Campbell,” replied Melanie.

Braxton, too, stood up to ask his question. “Ms. Sanchez, may I know if Pollerton’s administrative center will be moved to Lord Campbell’s Administrative Region?”

Melanie shook her head in response. “Not at the moment.”

After that, Braxton sat back down.

“Let’s move on to the second order!” continued Melanie. “Pollertonia Administrative Center will be the second administrative region, which also happens to be a military region that focuses on developing intelligent connected vehicles and aviation technology to create a comprehensive industrial entrepreneurship center with global influence!”

After listening to that, the crowd began thinking.

Compared to Lord Campbell’s Administrative Region, the second one did not seem that attractive.

“You may discuss your development and cooperation plans!” voiced Melanie.

In response to that, Braxton was the first to rise. “We have established Irving Capital with a cash flow of one billion, and we hope to focus on developing transportation hubs and pharmaceuticals in Lord Campbell’s Administrative Region!”

Tyrone was the second one to speak up. “Campbell Capital hopes to focus on developing smartphones in Lord Campbell’s Administrative Region with a cash flow of one billion!”

“Yund Group hopes to focus on developing new energy vehicles in Lord Campbell’s Administrative Region!”

“Noah International Group hopes to focus on developing biotechnology and new bio-inspired silicon-based materials!” announced an executive member of Noah’s group, a middle-aged man in a fiery red suit.

That person was Gibbons, one of the Twelve Divine Deities.

When the crowd saw the man, many were somewhat frightened because he used to be on the list of top-ranking assassins.

His skills were on par with the Novem Stella Warriors. Having worked for an assassin group for more than twenty years, he retired and began serving Noah instead.

Specialized in close-quarters combat and incredibly strong, Gibbons was rumored to have lifted an eighty-foot-long fully loaded semi-trailer weighing more than forty tons.

One by one, the Ten Prestigious Families stated their positions.

The local corporate giants, too, followed suit and expressed their desires to continue developing in their own industries like logistics, e-commerce, and others.

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