Son In Law Madness Chapter 505

Chapter 505 Braxton Pursues Jennifer

Jennifer was too mad to speak. A few minutes had just passed when someone knocked on the door. Hearing that, Kevin hurried over to open the door. Immediately, he saw the legendary good-looking man.

No wonder Braxton’s known as the most handsome man in the capital. It’s really rare to see someone with such a charming appearance. I feel like he’s exuding warmth by just standing there.

“Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson. I’m Braxton Irving. I’m here to pick Jennifer up.” His behavior was decent; there was no fault with his actions and words.

Leonard and Linda were shocked by his attitude. “Oh. Jennifer is in her room. I’ll get her for you.” The couple was elated.

After all, Braxton was a son of a prestigious family and one of the heirs of the Irving family. He was both rich and good-looking.

If Jennifer were to marry Braxton, it would bring glory to the Wilson family. “Jennifer, listen to me. You’ve got to seize this opportunity. Do you understand?” Linda breathed.

Jennifer said defiantly, “I’m not going!”

Linda was about to persuade her when Braxton leaned against the door and put on a warm and mesmerizing grin. “Jenny, this Economic Work Conference is a major arrangement made by the Sanchez family. It’ll be beneficial for you. Why don’t we go together?”

Jennifer turned around to look at Braxton and shook her head. “I’m not going.” Linda pulled Jennifer up and insisted, “You’re going! You must!”

Braxton smiled and said, “It’s not a bad idea to sit there and listen. Besides, the youngest female high-ranking official is going to be there. Don’t you want to have a look?” Jennifer hesitated for some time.

Of course, Jennifer had heard of Melanie before. She was the youngest high-ranking official in history who had attended many important meetings held by the Nations’ Union. She was known to be ruthless and had scolded many international reporters, which made them fear speaking up.

On top of that, she was fluent in eight languages. Thus, she could use different languages to communicate with dignitaries of different countries at the meeting of the Nations’ Union.

She was someone even Braxton did not dare to mess with. After all, the eldest heir of the Irving family, Atticus, wanted to have a marriage of convenience with Melanie. But, sadly, Melanie had been refusing him.

According to her, she did not mind if her husband was not handsome. In fact, he could be poor, but he must be righteous and upright.

Everyone knew there were only three people who fit Melanie’s requirements. They were Lord Campbell of Yorksland, the heir of Atlantis, and the eldest heir of the Rothschild family.

“Let’s go,” Braxton said with a smile that made Jennifer’s heart pound. Only then did Jennifer stand up reluctantly.

Braxton approached her with a smile so wide that it reached his eyes. The truth was he was attracted to Jennifer at first sight. However, he managed to control himself.

He was not like Sebastian, who displayed his interest publicly. Braxton could control himself well. It had been a long time since he met a gentle woman like Jennifer.

She was drastically different from the young ladies he had met before. Jennifer was gentle and graceful, like a white lily.

“I’ll leave her for Tyrone once I’m done playing with her. That way, I won’t be on the losing end,” Braxton murmured to himself.

“You’re Kevin, right? Do you want to come along?” Braxton turned around and spotted Kevin, who was rubbing his hands excitedly.

Kevin was delighted to hear the invitation. “Sure!” He was instantly shocked to see Braxton’s luxury car. It was a beautiful Pagani Zonda which cost about twenty million per car. Moreover, there were only six of them in the world.

Sitting in such sports cars was uncomfortable, but they were definitely eye-catching. “This kind of car costs hundreds of thousands just to mend a scratch!” said Kevin.

Braxton smiled and corrected Kevin, “No. It’s made entirely out of carbon fiber, so it’ll cost millions to mend a scratch.”

Jennifer was surprised as well.

The event was held at Rivebale Hotel, and Lana was already doing her job by welcoming all the big shots.

Seeing Jennifer and Braxton getting out of the car together, Lana snorted and commented snarkily, “Gotten yourself another man, eh?”

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