Son In Law Madness Chapter 502

Chapter 502 Death Of Poison Spider

“I’ll find Braxton.” At that moment, Donald’s eyes were glinting with murderous intent as if he had become the god of death himself.

Upon hearing that, Poison Spider gave up completely on escaping. With tears in her eyes, she begged, “Don’t kill him. This was all my idea!”

Donald slowly made his way toward Poison Spider. “He doesn’t have a choice.” “He’s a part of the Irving family. They won’t let you off easily if you kill him!” Poison Spider screamed.

“Do you think the Irving family will go against me because of him?” Donald asked, already standing before her. “Who are you?” Poison Spider sensed something was off.

“The king of Quadfield, Donald Campbell,” Donald uttered slowly. The king of Quadfield? That means he’s Lord Campbell! “I have another name, that is Dynasto.”

Poison Spider took a deep breath. There had been rumors of the chief of the Azuro force being Lord Campbell. And now, that was being confirmed.

At that thought, she pulled out a sword with her right hand and aimed it between Donald’s forehead. Attacking at such a close distance was definitely possible for a Novem Stella Warrior to kill a Decem Stella Warrior.

Unfortunately, Donald was her opponent. He held the tip of the sword with two fingers and flicked it. With a clang, the tip of the sword instantly bent backward and wrapped itself around Poison Spider’s neck.

Suddenly, a red opening appeared at her throat.

Thud! She fell to her knees heavily, with her head separated from her body. “Nathan, I need you to do me a favor and take her head to the Irving family.” Donald turned around and looked at Nathan.

Nathan’s eyes darted between the body on the ground and Donald. At that moment, Donald looked as if he was glowing with murderous intent. There was no ounce of reservedness in him.

Given no choice, Nathan sighed and answered, “Okay.”

Nathan’s heart felt extremely heavy. The Irving family had managed to win over a Novem Stella Warrior thanks to Braxton. In fact, many prestigious families were jealous of them because of that.

After all, a Novem Stella Warrior was like a treasure. Now that Donald had killed Poison Spider, he would have to deal with the Irving family’s rage and being Anglandur’s target.

Even the leader of the country would get involved in the matter. Even so, Donald did not care about all that. “Don’t kill Braxton,” said Nathan.

Alas, Donald merely gave Nathan a cold stare, questioning, “Do you think anyone can stop me if I wanted to kill someone?”

That’s right. Who can stop a legendary warrior of the Mythical Realm? There are more than ten billion people on the planet, and not many legendary warriors have appeared in the past five hundred years. It’s already difficult enough to produce a Novem Stella Warrior in a hundred years.

With a heavy heart, Nathan cleaned up the scene and hurried toward the Irving residence. Meanwhile, Donald stood in his spot under the streetlight with a meaningful gaze in his eyes.

Pollerton was a bustling city. Many houses were still lit since many had not gone to bed. Melanie was going to hold an Economic Work Conference the next day to rearrange Pollerton’s development structure.

Many people from the Ten Prestigious Families were sure to attend. After all, no one would miss the chance to collaborate with Donald.

Though Dartan’s expo had not started yet, there was no stopping Donald from stepping into the precinct. Everyone wanted to be a distributor.

Especially the Ten Prestigious Families who owned more monopolistic businesses, such as car manufacturing and electronic equipment.

The existence of the new energy and the extreme insulation material was a major change for society and a great opportunity.

Without making any sound, Bradley appeared behind Donald and said respectfully, “Donald, it’s getting dark…”

Donald grunted in acknowledgement. “Got it.”

With that, Bradley left as silently as he came. He noticed Donald was not in a good mood. Hence, he did not dare to disturb the latter.

At three o’clock in the morning, Braxton suddenly jolted awake from his sleep.

When he turned on his phone, he knitted his brows.

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