Son In Law Madness Chapter 501

Chapter 501 Legendary Warrior

The moment Melanie waved her hand, a car pulled up right away. A few men got out and ushered her into the car.

Meanwhile, Donald continued standing still under the streetlight and staring into the distance, looking like a statue. After some time, he said calmly, “Since you’re already here, then don’t leave.”

Amidst the darkness, a few men in golden armor walked out with long spears in their hands. They were covered from head to toe; only their eyes were revealed.

All of them were blue-eyed. One could tell they were foreigners at a glance. “Wow. The Irving family is incredible for them to be rearing a pack of loyal dogs from another country,” Donald said sarcastically.

As he looked around, he realized there were eight Septet Stella Warriors, all of which were mercenaries and had about a power level of seven hundred thousand.

My mother’s family is finally making a move on me.

“It’s my honor to meet all of you. May I know who sent you?” asked Donald.

No one spoke. Instead, the eight men opened up a path, and a lady stepped out.

The corners of her eyes were unusually sharp, and her eyes were blue, just like the others. Her face was covered with a veil, and one of her arms was covered in tattoos.

“Careful. She’s the foreign Novem Stella Warrior, Poison Spider.” A deep voice came from behind Donald.

Novem Stella Warriors were literally like treasures of the world. No one could employ them unless it was the government.

However, Poison Spider was an exception because she liked Braxton.

Braxton was known as the most handsome man in the capital. The fact that he could make a Novem Stella Warrior fall for him proved how attractive he was.

Donald knew who the newcomer was without having to turn around.

It was the warrior of the Collins family, Nathan.

“Be grateful. Braxton told me to castrate you instead of killing you,” said the lady with the veil calmly.

Her voice did not sound young at all. She sounded like she was at least forty years old.

“Well, what better time for you guys to show up? I was just in the mood to kill some people.” Donald lowered his eyes and smirked.

Anyone who knew Donald well would know that Donald’s murderous intent was the strongest at that time.

“Tell me. Wouldn’t it be cool if I cut off your heads and delivered them to the Irving residence?” Donald raised his head to let his opponents get a clear view of his face.

Right then, the Novem Stella Warrior felt as if the haziness in Donald’s eyes was clearing up.

A flash of light flickered across his eyes, and it was as if his piercing gaze could split the vast land open.

“No. You can’t do this. She’s a Novem Stella Warrior from Anglandur. If she dies in Yorksland, her government will definitely take action,” Nathan urged, sounding anxious.

“I’ll kill anyone who dares to stop me. And that includes you.” Donald suddenly turned around and stared daggers at Nathan.

Nathan’s heart skipped a beat. “A-A legendary warrior of the Mythical Realm!”

Donald’s imposing presence was the mythical presence of someone who would only appear once every five hundred years.

“This is bad. Retreat! He’s a legendary warrior of the Mythical Realm!” The veiled lady widened her eyes as a wave of emotions stirred in her heart.

There was no mistaking that aura, for she had seen someone like that in Atlantis before.

However, that mythical being was already two hundred years old, so he could not attack easily anymore.

Looking like a real dragon that had been reborn, Donald pounced toward a golden-armored warrior and threw a fist at the latter’s chest.

The warrior screamed in agony and flew about a hundred meters into the air upon impact. Immediately after that, he exploded into white dust.

The veiled lady immediately stepped backward. Nonetheless, Donald’s murderous intent grew, and he swung his fist again.

His fist lit up the sky, making the veiled lady feel as if she was looking at the sun.

A series of horrifying screams rang in the air as a beam of light that was as thick as a person’s arm pierced through the chests of the seven remaining golden-armored warriors. All of them disintegrated on the spot.

“A devil! You’re a devil!” yelled the veiled lady, yet she did not run.

That was because she knew she had no way out. Once a legendary warrior targeted a person, there was nowhere they could run to. The legendary warrior would find a way to kill his targets, no matter where they were.

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