Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1997

Chapter 1997 Extra 4

Peace returned to Oceanic Estate once the kids had left. Now that everything was settled, the couple, who had been busy, decided to take a good rest. They thought about staying in Avenport for a few days to keep Rufus company.

However, on the seventeenth, Mark showed up to inform them that Jonathan had passed away. Sasha and Sebastian stayed in their room for a long, long time. It was simply too sudden.

There was no warning at all. Jonathan, the powerful warrior who had survived hundreds of battles, had left the world just like that. Worse still, it happened after everyone had left Oceanic Estate.

Sebastian broke down a little after receiving the news. He had just mourned his father’s passing before the new year, and now his grandfather was gone, too.

He locked himself in Jonathan’s room and stayed there all afternoon, guarding over the latter’s body. Not once had he ever left.

“Will he be okay?”

Mark was rather worried after he saw how Sebastian reacted.

Surprisingly, Sasha was much calmer. She knew that the day would come. After all, that was the reason they had held her son’s wedding in advance. They wanted to fulfill Jonathan’s last wish and make him happy.

That was why Sasha accepted his death rather quickly. While Sebastian locked himself in the room, she calmly planned the funeral and informed their friends and family who had just attended Ian’s wedding.

Oceanic Estate was once again bustling with activity that evening. However, instead of beautiful wedding decorations, the house was filled with condolence flowers.

“He left so suddenly. I can’t believe he passed away just days after his great-grandson’s wedding.” “Yeah. He didn’t get to see the birth of his great-great-grandchild.”

Everyone who came for the funeral was sad to see how the cheery ambiance from just two weeks ago had turned into something so sorrowful.

However, someone else spoke up soon after.

“That is not true. He’s blessed. He’s over ninety years old. I heard that he had been unwell and had lived in a temple for some time. Now that he got to see his great-grandson get married and even passed away after the festive season, I’d say that this is as blessed as a person can get.”

“I guess you’re right.” The revelation hit everyone after they heard those words.

He’s right. Old Mr. Jadeson passed away in his nineties. That means he had lived longer than most people out there. On top of that, God had been merciful to him. He got to see everyone he wanted to see one last time, and he left in a way such that he wouldn’t burden his children or grandchildren. Only a handful of people could have such a blessing.

Suddenly, everyone became jealous of Jonathan.

The Jadesons weren’t that heartbroken, either. They had been mentally prepared. Even Sebastian managed to calm himself down and take over the planning of the funeral after he came out of Jonathan’s room.

“Darling, should we tell the kids about this?”

“No. He chose to go on this day because he didn’t want the kids to be sad. We’ll let them know after the funeral.”

Sebastian’s voice was thick with tears. He had a white flower on his chest and was standing solemnly by the condolence flowers.

Sasha, who was also standing at the side and welcoming the guest, couldn’t help glancing at the photo of the deceased.

Jonathan was smiling so happily.

It was almost as though he could see who was standing right in front of his portrait. His grandson, the heir he favored the most, was right there with him.

The funeral was simple.

Mark claimed that it was what Jonathan wanted.

However, despite Jonathan’s wishes, there were still too many mourners there to pay their condolences. As Devin had left to take Nina to Matteo, Sasha and Sebastian could only recruit more help.

“The Coopers are here, Mrs. Jadeson,” informed Olivia as she made her way to Sasha.

Sasha, who had been welcoming the guests in person, smiled upon hearing that.

The Coopers being there was good news because the siblings, especially Riley, were very capable and could help a lot.

Sasha left to meet the siblings right away.

“Edmund, Riley, you’re both here. Thank you so much.”

“It’s fine. We’re family, aren’t we? Just stay where you are, Sasha. I’ll deal with everything else,” Riley said.

Sasha thought, Riley is indeed a good helper. I don’t have to worry so much now that she’s offered to help.

She then looked at her husband, who was standing beside her and who only had eyes for her. At that moment, she couldn’t ask for anything more.

“Okay. Thank you so much. Wait… If you’re both here, then who’s taking care of Ronald? He’s just a kid. Did you leave him alone at home?” Sasha quickly asked when she saw that they did not bring the child with them.

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