Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1996

Chapter 1996 Extra 3

The new year had begun, and everyone became busy once more. The newlyweds, Ian and Susan, planned on leaving for Southeast Astoria on the sixteenth. Ian was now the person in charge over there, so he had to rush over. After all, Hayes Corporation’s growth over there over the past six months had been tremendous.

Sasha could only help them with the packing. “Mom, there is no need to pack so many things. We can buy everything we need there.”

Susan was terrified when she looked at her mother-in-law. Sasha ignored her and continued packing for the two of them.

Once she was done packing for them, she moved on to packing for Vivian and Kurt. Vivian was in Yartran at the time while Kurt was working in a construction company in Gronga.

That made Sasha worry. “When are you two going to live together? Seriously, it’s so troublesome for me to pack two sets of everything,” she complained. She felt a headache coming as she looked at the items in front of her that came in pairs.

Kurt’s ears turned red, for he still felt a little shy when hearing those words from an elder.

Vivian, on the other hand, wasn’t bothered at all. Seeing how troubled her mother was, she said, “We’re already living together. Just one set is enough.” Sasha was dumbstruck. “Huh?”

Kurt was utterly speechless. The situation became even more awkward. He couldn’t help but turn his head to look in another direction.

After packing for two of her kids, Sasha focused on packing Matteo’s things. She was going to get Devin to hand everything to Matteo when he dropped Natalie and Nina there.

Nina will be fine. She’s a big girl now and is independent and smart. The one I’m more worried about is Nat. “Nat, remember to behave and listen to your uncle, okay?” Sasha looked at her, who was playing the piano, and stroked her head.

Natalie didn’t respond. Her tiny hands kept dancing away on the piano, and at that moment, she looked so much like her talented father.

Sasha let out a sigh. Just as she was about to look for Devin, Natalie piped up, “I don’t want to leave anymore.” “Huh?” Sasha turned to look at Natalie. “What did you just say? You don’t want to leave?”

“Yes, I’m not leaving. I want to stay here and learn from you. I have decided that I want to become a doctor like you. That way, I can treat many patients and save them.”

Natalie was still playing the piano as she spoke to Sasha. She sounded as if she was chatting casually with the latter when in fact she had announced a huge decision.

Sasha was stunned.

It took her some time before she made her way to Natalie.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I am. I will study hard so that I’ll get accepted into the best university in the world. After that, I will become the best doctor there is!”

Natalie, who had just started middle school, finally stopped playing the piano.

She turned away from the piano and looked into Sasha’s eyes. At that moment, the glow in Natalie’s eyes was just as bright as that of her mother. Sasha had never seen such determination and clarity in anybody’s eyes before. A doctor…

Sasha stared at Natalie for quite some time before she finally smiled, tears rolling down her cheeks. She reached out and hugged the child tightly.

She’s finally opening up! She has taken her first step and is dealing with her grief. Maybe that is what makes her realize that she wants to be a doctor. She witnessed how her father died after all. It’s only natural that would inspire her to become a doctor and save others.

Sasha was so touched that she couldn’t control herself.

“Okay, I’ll promise you this. As long as this is what you truly want, I will do everything I can to send you to the best school and help you become a great doctor.”

“Okay.” Natalie nodded. The Jadesons were excited and pleased when they heard the news. They canceled Natalie’s flight tickets and helped set everything up so she could stay in the country and study. That meant that Nina was the only one left.

Kurt suggested, “Natalie’s not leaving anymore, so maybe you should stay too. It’d be nice to study together.”

Nina refuted, “Why should I stay? She’s her own person and so am I. I’ve been studying well there, so why should I give up just because she doesn’t want to leave anymore?”

This little brat doesn’t respect her big brother at all! Kurt’s face clouded over. Fortunately, Sasha was around and saw what was going on. She immediately stepped forward to stop the siblings from arguing.

“It’s fine. If Nina wants to go, then we should let her go. I heard that she did really well over well. Kids always get excited when they meet teachers and peers who inspire them. This will be good for her.” “But—”

“Okay, I’m putting an end to this discussion. You don’t need to worry about any of this. All I want is for you to take care of Vivi for me. I will make sure Nina is fine.”

Sasha only wanted to get rid of her future son-in-law. Nina was rather mature, so she wasn’t that worried. Vivian, on the other hand, had never learned how to be independent because Kurt had basically spent the last few years spoiling her. That was why she was worried more about Vivian.

In the end, Kurt had no choice but to leave. Nina was delighted, and she left with Devin that very night.

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