Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1995

Chapter 1995 Extra 2

Sasha quickly tugged Sebastian’s hand to lead him over to the spot. To their surprise, it was a tiny mound. There was nothing on it but a rare sacred fig planted beside it. Its thick trunk and luxuriant leaves protected the mound firmly.

“This was planted by Master. In fact, he planted this before I came to this temple. Ever since I came here, I had been seeing him meditating here day and night.” “Why did he come here to meditate?”

“That’s because the old master of the temple says there’s something buried under this place that belongs to Master’s old friend. He had been doing this for decades until you two showed up,” the monk said truthfully.

Sasha froze. As she turned around, she saw that Sebastian’s face had been drained of color, and he was staring fixedly at the mound. He was so still as if his feet were rooted to the ground.

The old friend was, of course, none other than Frieda. Sasha could not help but wonder how Shin had endured all the pain for so many years.

Rather than telling the world that Eddie had forced him to stay in the temple, Shin had chosen to imprison himself here to atone for his sins, repent and drown in guilt.

Perhaps while he was meditating in front of the sacred fig, he had wondered if Frieda would not have had such a tragic end if he did not insist on marrying her.

Sadly, there was no turning back.

Sebastian went over to the mound slowly and lowered his head to see a stone that was polished until it was smooth. Finally, he shut his eyes and asked, “So, is he free from his misery now?”

“Sebastian, Master had already resigned to his fate long ago. He suffered a lot of persecution when he was forced to become the devil of Aquene Temple. The only reason he could hang on till now was his strong will and worry for you. Now that both matters have been resolved, it was only a matter of time before he passed away,” the monk said calmly.

He was not sad about the happenings. Rather, he felt a sense of relief when he saw that his master was finally free from his decades of suffering there.

Maybe this is the difference between religion and the world.

Sebastian said nothing else.

He merely stood there, still holding on to the children’s bracelet that had faded in color, and stared at them in a daze.

Sasha asked sadly, “He kept these for you, didn’t he? He didn’t get to bring them back before something happened to you and your mom.”

She had finally proven that the elder did not choose to become a monk.

In truth, he had been praying for his loved ones and keeping the children’s bracelet all that while. The most basic requirement to become a monk was to be free of desires and emotions.

Shin, however, had failed to do that.

He had been thinking of Frieda and Sebastian all the time. He just did not want or have the guts to admit it. If it were not for the letter and the medal, he would probably continue suffering for a long time.

When Sasha left the temple with Sebastian, she was still feeling sorrowful and even guilty.

She felt that Shin would not have died if not for her arrangement.

“Darling, I’m sorry. I—”

“Look! The flowers have bloomed!” Holding her hand, Sebastian suddenly pointed at the bush that had withered in the winter.

Sasha was puzzled.


She turned to look in the same direction.

It was the coldest season and withered plants were scattered all over the temple entrance. Yet, she saw tiny purple flowers blooming under the sun in the withered bush.

What flowers are these?

Sasha inched over, lowering her head to study it. It was at that moment that she realized it was a seedling that had grown from the fallen seeds of the sacred fig.

The seedling was on the purplish spectrum, which made it look like a flower at a glance.

The sacred fig is blooming…

The couple pulled out a huge batch of it.

Sasha asked, “Are you sure you want to plant it at Oceanic Estate?”

Sebastian replied, “I’m going to give some to the three of them.”

Sasha was nonplussed.

Will a plant like this survive after transplantation? Besides, he wants to give it to the other three. One of them is in Southeast Astoria, another is in Yartran, and the last one is nowhere to be found. Will this plant…

Still, Sasha said nothing. After packing the seedling, both of them went home.

As soon as they arrived at Oceanic Estate, they recounted the entire story to the family members who had been waiting for them. Everyone was stunned after listening to the story. Jonathan, especially, fell silent for a long time.

Sasha and Sebastian were worried when they noted his reaction.

To their surprise, Jonathan merely felt depressed for a short while. After that, he had been fine until the fifteenth of the month.

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