Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1994

Chapter 1994 Extra 1

It was evening by the time Sasha and Sebastian arrived at Aquene Temple. The sudden change of environment from a lively wedding to a quiet forest made it hard for them to adapt.

There was absolute silence until the sound of the bell rang out in the forest at night. Dong!

“We’re here.” Hearing the loud yet melodious bell, Sasha alighted from the car, her eyes glinting with hope as she stared at the temple in the distance.

Monks of the modern world were no longer as strict as they were in the past. The public would not judge them strictly, either.

Hence, Sasha had been holding on to the hope that Shin would descend the mountain with them and reunite with his family.

However, when the couple approached Shin, who was meditating in the main hall of the temple, with the letter and the medal, he stared at the items fixedly for some time.

Following that, he got up and entered the meditation room. “Darling?” Sasha turned to the man behind her when she saw that.

Right then, she realized Sebastian was also watching the retreating figure as if he was waiting and pondering about something. At last, he said nothing and merely watched Shin walk away.

That night, Sasha and Sebastian stayed the night at the temple.

It was the same meditation room. This time, however, there was an air conditioner installed in the room. The modern machine looked out of place in the vintage-looking meditation room.

Sasha enjoyed the warmth of the room very much.

However, she was so anxious that she kept opening the door throughout the night while wrapped in a blanket. There was no movement out there and she saw nothing.

Seeing Sasha standing in front of the door, Sebastian, who was lying on the bed, mumbled unhappily, “What are you looking at? Come back here and get some sleep. It’s cold out there.”

Sasha had no choice but to shut the door.

When she returned to the bed and snuggled into Sebastian’s embrace, she hugged his slim waist and murmured, “Darling, do you think Dad will come back with us tomorrow morning now that he’s seen that?”

Much to her surprise, Sebastian gave her a definite answer. “Yes.”

He had always been emotionally restrained and cared about his dignity.

Thus, it was rare to get that kind of answer from him.

Feeling relieved, she lay in Sebastian’s embrace and soon drifted off to sleep.

The sky was already bright by the time the couple woke up the next day.

Sebastian was the first to wake up because he heard a faint sound of a monk chanting outside.

Do they pray so early in the morning?

Sebastian stole a glance at Sasha, who was sound asleep beside him. He placed her gently under the blankets, got out of bed, and briefly tidied himself before leaving the room.

“Good morning, Sebastian.”

The second he stepped out of the room, he saw a familiar figure.

It was the pupil who constantly followed Shin around. Upon seeing Sebastian, the former placed his hands in front of his abdomen in a respectful manner as if he had been waiting for him.

The sight before Sebastian made his heart skip a beat, and he had a bad feeling about it.

“What’s the matter? Where is he?” Sebastian asked coldly, glancing at the entrance of the hall that was filled with monks.

The monk lowered his head, saying, “Sebastian, Master passed away last night. Before he left, he instructed me to give you these and remind both of you not to be sad, for he has just gone to a place where he needs to go.”

With that, he took out something from his pocket.

Sebastian was dumbstruck.

What’s the meaning of this? He passed away? How? He was all right yesterday. Why would that old baldy pull such an act? He could’ve just stayed here if he didn’t want to descend the mountain. What’s this now?

Sebastian’s chest rose and fell violently, his face ghostly pale.

He looked as if he was about to explode with rage.

The monk instinctively took a step back when he saw Sebastian’s reaction.

Thankfully, Sasha had awakened and exited the room. The moment she saw the scene, she hurried over to Sebastian.

“Darling, calm down. Darling!” she yelled, grabbing his arm forcefully to make him calm down.

However, her efforts were useless. It was impossible for anyone to accept such devastating news. Moreover, they had been extremely sure last night that Shin would leave with them.

Sasha held onto him for a long time, her nails digging into his flesh.

It was only then that the redness in his eyes gradually faded.

“Why? Why is he doing this?” he uttered the first thing he snapped back to reality. His words were laced with sorrow and suppressed fury.

The monk shuddered.

After some time, he lowered his head and suggested, “Sebastian, perhaps you should come with me and take a look for yourself.”

With that, the monk turned and left.

Seeing that, Sasha pulled Sebastian to follow the monk. Not long after, when the duo arrived at their destination, Sasha raised her head, only to realize they were standing under a huge maple tree in front of the thousand-year-old temple.

“This is…”

“Come over here and take a look.” The monk pointed to where he was standing.

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