Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1993

Chapter 1993 The Finale 4

The wedding ceremony went on for two hours before the feast began. Seeing that, Sasha went looking for her father hurriedly, wanting to get some updates on the situation. To her dismay, the wives of influential people gathered around her the moment she turned around.

“Congratulations, Mrs. Jadeson! Now that you’ve become a mother-in-law, you’ll become a grandmother soon.”

“That’s right. You’re so blessed, Mrs. Jadeson.” “Congratulations!” Sasha had no choice but to entertain the group of women.

Of course, Sebastian was busier. However, he was not greeting the guests. Instead, he was pushing Jonathan around, accompanying the latter to meet the people he wanted to talk to.

Jonathan was more than delighted by the arrangement. Since Sebastian’s hands were full, he could only let another family member handle the rest, and that person was Devin.

“Lieutenant Colonel Jadeson, the guests’ seats are there. Apart from the bride’s family, which VIP guests would you like to be specially arranged?”

“The Hayes, Wand, and the Minamoto family. Make sure you get them seated properly,” Devin instructed swiftly. The emcee immediately left to carry out the task. Devin wanted to check on other matters when someone suddenly ran toward him.

“Hubby, this is bad. M-My uncle and his family are here.” “Who?” Devin looked at his anxious wife, unable to follow her words promptly. Uncle?

Devin looked confused. He did not understand what was going on until he saw someone leading two guests over who claimed to be from the Soprano family. The Soprano family…

Sebastian, too, noticed them half an hour later. He was standing in the private room of the hotel when they showed up in front of him. There was a sense of familiarity in the blurred memories in his mind.

The elderly man, who had similar facial features as Sebastian, revealed something with trembling hands and said guiltily, “Sebastian, your aunt and I know we don’t deserve to attend your son’s wedding, nor do we have the right to appear with you again. That’s why we’re only here to give you something.”

He was Cory Soprano, Sebastian and Sabrina’s uncle.

The Soprano family was indeed responsible for what had happened to Frieda back then. Jonathan had been furious when he found out that Shin was in love with Frieda, and he had gone looking for the Soprano family.

After that, the Soprano family used all kinds of methods to stop Frieda from seeing Shin.

During that time, Frieda was determined to be with Shin. She even took her household register secretly to get their marriage registered. As soon as that was done, Frieda was kicked out of the house. She did not even have a shelter when she was pregnant. If it had not been for Frederick, she would have died with Sebastian on the streets.

That was why Frederick had stopped keeping in touch with the Soprano family.

Sebastian’s expression was terrifyingly frosty. In the end, it was Devin who accepted the gift from Cory. He realized it was a letter and a gold-inlaid medal.

“This is…”

“That’s the letter my sister wrote to my father. She wanted him to accept Shin,” Cory lamented, gazing at his nephew with red-rimmed eyes. “We weren’t planning to show up at the wedding today, but Mr. Wand gave me a call saying your father has been trapped in the guilt of your mother’s tragic death and is unable to forgive himself. That’s why we wanted to give this to you today.”

Sebastian was stunned.

It’s my father-in-law who called him?

Finally, Sebastian took the two items and walked into the lounge alone.

What would a girl in her twenties, who wanted to marry a man, write to her father? What else can it be apart from telling her father how much she loved that man? How sweet could their relationship be to convince her father?

Sebastian opened the letter. He did not have high hopes, nor did he have any intentions to study the letter properly until he read a specific sentence.

It read: Dad, you always say the women of the Soprano family are different. We can’t give birth to healthy boys. That’s why you made my sister get an abortion whenever she was pregnant. But Shin says fate is meant to be broken. Since you’re unwilling to do it, Shin will be the first. Dad, I’m afraid of hell, but I’d rather go to hell if I’m faced with a cage that’ll imprison me for the rest of my life. However, Shin isn’t the way to hell. He’s my hope. Dad, I won’t regret it no matter what.

For a long while, Sebastian stood there with his head lowered to look at the yellowed letter, totally lost in a daze.

He did not move or say anything, looking as if his soul had left his body.

Suddenly, he seemed to picture a crazy woman running toward him like a child while calling him Sebby.

“Mom…” he muttered through gritted teeth as if the word pained him.

Hot tears fell onto the letter.

That was the exact scene Sasha saw the moment she stepped into the room after hearing the news. Immediately, she felt a pang in her heart, and she hurried over to hold him in her embrace.

“Don’t be sad. Let’s take this to meet Dad, all right? He’s been waiting for this.”

Sebastian eventually nodded.

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