Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1989

Chapter 1989 Reaching The Finale

Sebastian froze for a moment. All’s well that ends well? He only came to his senses when Shin walked him into the temple. “How about you? Would you be sad if he’s gone?”

“Me?” Shin responded with a smile. He held the rosary and watched the snowflakes descend from the sky calmly. “Of course not. I’m sure he’ll find his place in heaven.”

Sebastian did not know what else to say. He asked the question merely because he wanted to know what was on Shin’s mind.

Filled with disappointment, Sebastian whispered a prayer in the main hall.  When Sebastian was about to leave, Shin suddenly suggested, “You can ask him if he wishes to come and stay at the temple.”

Sebastian looked around and asked, “You want him to come here? Why would you want to invite a dying man over?”

His voice held a note of disdain, but the monk smiled at him. “There are certain things he finds hard to let go of. By staying in the temple, he could calm his mind and forget the things that have held him back. I believe doing so will make his journey to the other world easier.”

Sebastian fell silent. In the afternoon, Jonathan was sent to the ancient temple on the snowcapped mountain. To everyone’s surprise, the elderly man stopped throwing tantrums right after stepping into the place of worship.

Sebastian heaved a sigh of relief. After he returned from the mountain, Sasha told him that Vivian and Ian had assured her they would return after learning about Jonathan’s condition.

However, Sasha could not get in touch with Matteo since he was on a mission. “Darling, do you think Matteo is out on another dangerous mission? I called Crime Investigation Unit, but they refused to tell me where he is,” Sasha expressed her concern.

She understood it was the duty of a cop to protect the civilians, but as a mother, she could not help but worry about her son.

“Don’t worry, Devin is with him. I’m sure he’ll look after him,” Sebastian assured Sasha to ease her mind. They had made all the necessary arrangements.

Just weeks before Christmas, Vivian and Kurt were among the first who informed Sebastian and Sasha that they would be home for Thanksgiving.

Sasha was overjoyed. They will be back on Thanksgiving? That’s a month before Christmas! She was all smiles when she started preparing all their favorite dishes.

Soon, they also learned that Ian and Susan were returning from Southeast Astoria. Since Ian had yet to fully recover, they had to take a cruise ship instead of a plane. It might take a longer time to arrive, but the journey would be less bumpy.

All these updates exhilarated everyone in Oceanic Estate. They believed these youngsters would bring forward their weddings and celebrate their marriage while Jonathan was still around.

Devin texted: That’s a good suggestion, but I’m afraid Vivi and Kurt can’t make it, even though Kurt would turn twenty-one years old in December. He hasn’t reached the legal age to get married.

Sabrina replied to his text: Come on. They can always try to conceive before marriage. After reading the message in the group, Solomon could not help but frown. That woman and her ridiculous suggestion.

He texted: Are you mad? Vivi is a modest girl from a prominent family. How could you ask her to commit such an indecent act with Kurt? She’ll become a laughing stock if everyone in Jadeborough finds out about it.

Rufus concurred: Solomon’s right. We can’t do that.

Sabrina was rendered speechless.

Though she was angered by the remark, she decided to zip her mouth.

Chika dropped a text in the group: If that’s the case, we can only look forward to Ian’s and Susan’s wedding. That’s exciting too. Ian is the oldest grandchildren of the Jadesons, and Susan is from the Limmer family. I’m sure the two families would ginger up the wedding.

Devin agreed: Yup. We need to make the wedding as grand as possible. That would make Grandpa happy. Solomon also texted: I can invite guests from Jetroina too.

Ichika echoed: Yeah. I can also ask my dad to invite people from the royal family to attend the wedding. It will be spectacular. Sabrina texted: Wow. I bet it’ll be much more spectacular than your wedding.

Solomon could not help but roll his eyes. Ichika responded: I’m sure that will be the case, Sab! Sasha scrolled through all the messages on her phone and was pleased to see how supportive all the family members were. I can’t wait to become a grandmother soon!

Everyone in Oceanic Estate started preparing for the grand wedding before Christmas Eve. When Ian and Susan arrived, everyone immediately arranged for them to register their marriage at the civil affairs office.

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