Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1987

Chapter 1987 Get Married Soon

Shortly after, the pair arrived over at the wards. There, they spotted Solomon talking to a doctor in a white coat outside of the intensive care unit. “Uncle Solomon!” Susan called out when she saw him. “Mr. Hayes is here…”

Susan’s initial intention was to inform Solomon that there was even less need to worry now that the rock of their family was there. Once her voice trailed off, however, she noticed Solomon’s back stiffened.

A couple of minutes later, when the lot of them gathered inside the doctor’s office, Susan stood by the door and watched while the poor doctor almost crumbled from the pressure exerted by those two big shots’ formidable presence.

“Uh… Gentlemen, although the patient has yet to regain consciousness, we’re actually quite optimistic about his prognosis. There’s nothing to worry about.” “Then he….”

“Okay. That’s good enough.” Sebastian, who was at the side with both hands casually tucked into his own pockets, interrupted before Solomon could finish his sentence.

Following that, the former turned to walk out. At a loss for words, it took Susan some time to react before she followed that man toward the ward. “Mr. Hayes… Does Mrs. Hayes know about this? I meant to tell you about it yesterday, but my head was all over the place. S-So I…”

“It’s fine.” While walking ahead of her, Sebastian calmly cut her off. “You’ve handled this situation very well. I did not tell her because she isn’t well at the moment, so both of you don’t have to go back after Ian is discharged either. Just put yourselves up at the villa that we recently bought and let him recuperate there.”

It was quite remarkable how he was able to so efficiently make future arrangements for Susan and Ian within the less-than-half-an-hour period he got there.

Nothing would have suited Susan’s wishes better. On top of not wanting to make the people back home worry, she was still feeling pangs of guilt for her own oversight that led up to that incident. Being able to fully commit to caring for her beloved was something she was more than happy to do.

However, Solomon was not pleased when he learned about that decision.

“Do you have any idea how badly he is hurt, Sebastian? Why do you still allow him to continue to stay on? Don’t you think you’re being very complacent? Aren’t you worried about something happening to him whilst he’s here? How do you plan to explain this to Nancy?”

“What do I have to answer to her for? It’s not like I’m responsible for any of this!” he retorted without hesitancy.

All of a sudden, Susan stood there dumbstruck and watched with her heart in her throat. Solomon was so incensed that he turned blue in the face.

She wondered if she should try to step away for a bit.

Just as she was about to move, the person behind her tossed out another couple more of those insensitive remarks.

“What’s more, what’s the big deal about him sustaining a little injury? Back in the day, didn’t I survive lying inside the Aquene Temple for three whole years just fine? How could he call himself a man without bearing a single battle scar on his person?”

For the longest time, the corridor along those wards was in an absolute state of silence.

The word “scar” was fitting in this context.

In the end, Solomon kept his thoughts to himself.

As expected, Ian, awoke in the intensive care unit at around ten o’clock. Coincidentally, Haruto arrived from Jetroina at the same time, which meant Ian would basically be in good hands.

Susan was finally able to put her mind at complete ease.

Following that, she left the company’s matters to the two elderly gentlemen and stayed at the hospital to look after Ian.

On the same afternoon, the whole of Southeast Astoria saw a major report concerning Hayes Corporation, the recent talk of the town. Everyone saw on the news that apart from the head of Hayes Corporation, there was another unexpected party that would be involved in the talks with Southeast Astoria; A government representative from Hayes Corporation’s country of origin.

Heavens. Are they going to drag politics into this as well now?

Everyone regarded the person on television in profound shock.

“Mr. Jadeson, concerning Hayes Corporation from your country and their business venture here, our government would be sure to be in full support. Rest assured that business development for the whole of Southeast Astoria would center exclusively around Hayes Corporation. We guarantee that you’d be able to build a massive business empire here.”

Before the countless cameras and both the corporate and political representatives with Hayes Corporation at the press conference, those local officials were as obsequious as they could possibly be. That had not gone unnoticed by those in observance.

No. Perhaps it should not be called being obsequious, as that would tarnish his image as a public official. Consider that being respectful!

Susan too had a laugh when she saw that scene play out on television.

“Look, Hubby. See how capable your father is. He had them fawning all over him the second he arrived.”

Sitting by the side of the bed, she spoke with a genial smile on her face while she accompanied Ian.

At that moment, the man had actually fallen asleep again. After all, he had just regained consciousness from a coma. Coupled with his severe injuries, his lethargy was expected.

Despite so, he vaguely heard what she said amidst his grogginess and responded with a grunt. His pasty lips also formed a faint smile.

I’ve nothing to worry about so long as Daddy is around.

The press conference marked the perfect ending to the issues surrounding Hayes Corporation. Not only were the local authorities throwing their weight behind the corporation, but they had also helped to sort out the numerous public officials who were making things hard for the corporation before this.

That allowed Hayes Corporation to finally attain some semblance of stability.

With all of the problems now resolved, Sebastian was ready to fly back, for if he did not, Sasha might find out that something was wrong.

“Um… Have a safe journey, Mr. Hayes. Please rest assured that I’d take good care of Ian. I’ll call you immediately should the need ever arises.”

Although Susan would very much prefer for Sebastian to leave after his son had come to, she could only reply that way in consideration of Sasha who was at home and still in the dark about all this.

Sebastian nodded in acknowledgement.

“I’ve heard my wife mention that the both of you plan to collect your marriage certificate, so go ahead and get married when he’s well again. Try to settle down sooner so your Great-grandpa won’t have to keep harping about it.”


Susan’s cheeks flushed when she heard that.

“Does Great-grandpa… talk about this often?”

“He’s already getting up in years. On top of that, he hasn’t been in good health for the past half a year, so it’ll really please him to be able to see his own great-grandchildren settle down before he turns a hundred,” Sebastian patiently explained further.

He had changed significantly from the way he was before, becoming more open-minded and empathetic—That must be one of the ways people evolved into their midlife.

Blushing, Susan assented.

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