Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1942

Chapter 1942 Like A Lone Wolf

He spoke as if he was having the most usual conversation ever. Yet, the men’s faces fell as they heard those words, and their eyes turned bloodshot with fear.

Who cares if we don’t get paid, but what the hell does he mean by not being able to go back? Everyone instantly felt a strong murderous aura coming from the man standing before them.

Soon, Zylan walked away, and the young men were taken to a training ground by the bodyguards of Tilan Palace, where a cruel and devastating battle was about to ensue.

Rosalie Tilan stepped out of the palace in the middle of her birthday party clad in a fancy gown. She couldn’t stand the phony words of flattery and had to take a breather outside.

However, as the woman arrived at one end of the palace, she caught sight of a gruesome massacre taking place in the dark.

With only a wall separating them, she saw seven to eight young men in white shirts attacking each other like wild beasts that had been thrown into the same enclosure.

It was as though they could only walk out of that place alive by killing one another. In truth, that was exactly the case. A pale-faced Rosalie had only stood there for about three minutes, and she had already witnessed two men die.

The young woman’s chest heaved as she watched the blood seep out of the men’s bodies the moment they were stabbed. It was such a gruesome sight that she wanted to throw up. Eventually, Rosalie fled.

Upon returning to the party, she then realized that she still preferred the luxurious life she had the privilege of enjoying as compared to the bloodbath happening outside.

Rosalie had drunk too much that night. It was noon by the time she woke up the next day, and her old housemaid kept trying to wake her up. “Mrs. Tilan has arrived, Ms. Rosalie. Please get up.”

Rosalie finally opened her eyes and got out of bed slowly. Mrs. Tilan referred to the lady of Tilan Palace, whereas Rosalie herself had just celebrated her eighteenth birthday last night.

In order to continue living here comfortably, she couldn’t afford to burn bridges yet. Thus, the young woman washed up quickly and headed downstairs while still in her pajamas.

“Rosie, how could you come down dressed like that? You’re the young heiress of the Tilan family! You can’t act like this in front of Mom. You’re being so discourteous.”

Tanya Tilan spoke up in concern as she saw her younger sister finally emerge while she was in the middle of enjoying some pastries with their stepmother, Lacey Minbert.

Me? Discourteous? I’ve always behaved like this! Ignoring her older sister, Rosalie maintained her nonchalant demeanor and walked up to her stepmother lazily. “What is it?”

Tanya was at a loss for words. How she wished she could slap this insolent little sister of hers. The nerve! Does she not know who she’s talking to right now?

Lacey was visibly displeased too, but she suppressed her anger after taking into consideration the fact that the young woman just had her coming-of-age ceremony the night before.

“You’re an adult now, Rosie. You can’t act the way you used to anymore. Anyway, Mrs. Tharman’s invited us over for a meal to celebrate your adulthood. Go get ready. I’ll come back and get you later,” the lady of the household explained, trying to be as patient as she could.

Unexpectedly, as soon as her words fell, the seemingly harmless young lady standing before her suddenly let out a sharp, taunting laugh.

“Mrs. Tharman? Were you planning to sell me off the moment I became an adult, Mrs. Tilan? How much did they offer in exchange? Have you discussed this with my father?”

“You!” Lacey turned red in fury as soon as she heard that. Meanwhile, Tanya turned pale in fright.

“What are you saying, Rosie? Mrs. Tharman’s the one who invited you over. I’ve heard it with my own ears too! How could you accuse Mom of doing such a thing?”

Rosalie was momentarily bereft of words. What a stupid girl.

Not wanting to speak to her sister anymore, the young woman turned to leave. “You can go if you want to. I’m not going. I still have classes to attend today, you know? I had to ask for a day off just so I could come back yesterday.”

With that, she began walking toward the stairs. Lacey could no longer contain her wrath.

“Rosalie Tilan, you’d best behave yourself! This is what your father wants too. Also, he’s gotten you two bodyguards. From now on, they’ll have to report to your father about wherever you intend to go beforehand,” the irate woman spat out.

Rosalie, who had already arrived at the bottom of the stairs, turned her head swiftly upon hearing that. Then, a vicious scowl appeared on her exquisite little face as her eyes glowered. “How dare you order me around? You…”

The young woman then stopped abruptly, for at that very moment, she saw two young men in black suits walk in with communication devices in their ears.

They looked especially foreign, but from just one glance, Rosalie instantly recognized one of them as the guy with the most blood on his hands last night.

He was like a lone wolf being pushed to the edge. At that time, the only weapon he had on him was the same pair of shackles used to restrain him, which he had then used to murder his own comrades. Rosalie gulped as she remained unmoving.

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